Saturday, April 19, 2014

SLC Half - 2014!

A few pictures from the half this morning. :)

Before the run. 
Before the run. 
Ready to go! 
Mile 1!
Mile 2!
Mile 3! 
Mile 4!
Mile 5!
Mile 6! 
Mile 9! 
Mile 10!
Mile 11!
Mile 12!
Mile 13!
Done and done!
Racing for the finish!
My #1 Fan! 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hambo and Sto Mi E Milo

Last night I went down to BYU for one of their folk dance rec nights and to catch up with a good friend. I have to really work up mental energy to make the drive down to Provo after being at work all day, but I'm really glad I did.

There were two folk dances I particularly loved from last night.

The first was the Hambo from Sweden. It looks something like this:


Although usually with way more than two couples. I learned it probably the first semester that I ever took a folk dance class, but I fell in love with the dance last night. The music was good and the turns made my skirt swirl.

This is a more casual video of the Hambo. I like the variety in it. :)


The other was a Macedonian/Bulgarian folk dance I'd never done called Sto Mi E Milo. We formed a massive circle with everyone and then split it into a spiraling chain towards the center of the room. What I didn't know is that this has been the final dance of every folk dance rec night for awhile, so not only did everyone know the footwork (which is super simple), but everyone also knew the lyrics. It was really cool to be dancing in the center of a circle of people singing and dancing together.

This is a pretty meh video, but the footwork is the same as what we did last night - super simple - though we were a little more lively.

(Sto Mi E Milo - The Last Dance of the Party)

Beyond the dance, I really love the music. Here's a specific version that is one of my favorites. (Apparently that link wasn't working so here's the sample for it as well as a few others I like.

Lots of fun!