Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy - Split

There are a lot of versions of "Happy" by Pharrell Williams out there at the moment. I'm not surprised. It's the kind of song that is so catchy, so positive, that I'll bet that people are still listening to it fifty years from now.

This is my current favorite "music video" version of the song.

(Pharrell Williams - Happy (Split, Croatia))

Here are a few of the reasons I love this particular video:

-It's in Split, where I've been, and I recognize the city, even though we were just there for part of a day.
-The people in it seem like regular people just around the city.
-They are, however, better than average dancers as a whole.
-There are some folk dancers. :)


  1. This video made me so "Happy," (lame pun intended.) Here are a few of the reasons I love this video:
    - Foreigners are clearly more coordinated than most North Americans.
    - The groom is my favorite. He reminds me of Robert on our wedding day. Seriously.
    - The folks dancers are awesome. Especially the rogue folk dancer who gets her own groove on.
    - Split is gorgeous. I never thought much about Croatia. I think I've developed a small Croatian crush now.
    - I love the dancers in the wheelchairs.
    - This song is fabulous.

    1. Croatia really is gorgeous. Very much Mediterranean, but with an entirely different feel than you'd typically associate with Mediterranean. Dubrovnik was very cool.