Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Little Bit of the Latest

At the behest of Jaime, I'm to return to properly blogging. ;) But, Jaime, this is quite difficult when there is little to report! If you were to look at my facebook, you would see that it is equally empty.

But I will try. :)

Brandon just finished up a brief segment of Winter Corporate Games (at least the soccer part). For whatever reason, his company was a little less enthusiastic where the soccer was concerned than they've been in the past. They forfeited the first game (not enough players showed up), putting them into the losers bracket, and while they did play two games this last Friday and won both of them, they lost their game last night, ending their soccer games this round (double elimination). Brandon also just finished up the current segment of his league last night (and they finished first in their league - tied one game and won all the rest!), and has re-registered for the next segment (which starts next week). Since they finished in first, they'll move up a bracket and be competing with different (probably better) teams. More soccer games ahead! And, while the soccer portion of the Corporate Games is over, Brandon is playing some racquetball with the Corporate Games this weekend.  He's generally been staying away from racquetball (as I think it might have been chiefly responsible for his tennis elbow), but in order for one of his coworkers to be able to play racquetball at all in the CG, he needs a team member. So Brandon is playing.

My baby sister has been staring in her high school's performance of Shrek the Musical as the witch! And, if I do say so myself, she looks incredible! I think her hands (and those crazy long fingers) may be my favorite part. :)

I just noticed the ears my parents are wearing - love them!

Apparently her high school goes above and beyond in their approach to drama. The budget for this one performance was...I think more than $10,000...(Mom! Correct me if I'm wrong!) In other words, they take this very seriously. And from my parent's report, it pays off! I look forward to seeing a recording of it some time!

I have been (slowly) training for the SLC Half Marathon coming up in April. Following that I'll really need to train for the Spartan Beast in June. The running distance won't be too hard (10-12 miles), but I think some of the obstacles might be more challenging if I don't work on some general strength training. You have to attempt each obstacle and if you can't do it, there are an allotted amount of burpees that you can do as a replacement. Let me just say that I neither like nor enjoy doing burpees (no to mention that they're hard!), so I'd much rather enjoy and be able to do the obstacles than have to make up for them in burpees.

My brother Michael has been interested in book binding for some time. He's previously made me several journals that I have filled. A new one is on its way in the mail! Pictures to come when it arrives! Although I eagerly await it, I'm about three quarters of the way through two separate journals so I'll have to get on top of writing in them if I want to be able to start in his new one.

Let's see...things I might not have mentioned in the past several weeks. Birthdays! Not only was it my Dad's birthday at the beginning of February, but then Michael's, Morgan's, and Sylvia's. Also, St. David's Day! Cymru am byth!   We went down to Provo (one of the infrequent times that we do that) to attend a little Welsh Study Abroad reunion and eat Potato Leak soup and Welsh Cakes (all delicious!). It was good to catch up with my Welsh professor. Brandon went skiing this past Saturday with his (second) recently purchased pair of new ski boots.

Life is good, and busy, and not always filled with exciting things to report on (like giving up candy and soda for lent). But still good. :)

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  1. Thank you for the update. They say that no news is good news. I disagree. It's nice to know you're still alive, at least.

    Morgan looks FANTASTIC! I hope I get to meet her some day.