Sunday, March 30, 2014

2014 Festival of Colors

I'm feeling splurgy on photos right now because I don't feel like sorting through them again. So you're getting almost all of the ones I posted to facebook!

Festival of Colors this year was quite fun. I felt pretty sick most of yesterday - something resembling food poisoning, but more just uncomfortable than throwing up. I nixed my morning run and then we nixed ultimate frisbee and instead went and had brunch at The Original Pancake House. Following that we went home and then to check out Brandon Sanderson's book signing at the Sugerhouse Barnes and Noble. We didn't stick around for long, but instead heading down to Spanish Fork for the Festival. Traffic was surprisingly good at that point in the day.


First colors to the face.

Random guy....

Haha...not our best decision of the day. Being covered
 in colored powder + a kiss = powder in mouth = yuck!
 But I still think it is kind of cute. :)


  1. Does that stuff wash out???!!!

    1. It definitely does! Although, I suppose crisp whites might look a little gray's a colored powder/chalk/flour substance so you can actually get most of it out just by brushing and shaking it off. :)