Tuesday, February 4, 2014

For Any Women I Know

So...I'm going to talk about bras...again. Just a little. I promise.

Obviously, bras are a point of issue for me. I don't regularly wear any bras that cost under $60. Not because I'm special or want to blow money on underwear, but rather because there are very very few stores that sell the correct bra sizes I need. At least here in the states. Well, that and I'm not super familiar with the less well known chains of stores that might sell the right sizes. Victoria's Secret is not one of them.

Anyway, I recently came upon the reddit feed A Bra That Fits. I've been on a variety websites that make it their  mission statement to educate women on correct sizing, but perhaps because I'm already familiar with the format of reddit, I really like this particular feed.

The reason I'm sharing this is because very few women I've actually talked to about bra sizes wear the correct size. My sisters and mother, to name a few, never wore the right size until I dragged my mom and one of my sisters to Nordstom and insisted they try some specific bras on. Were they both impressed with bras that actually fit and did they both walk out of the store with new bras? Yes they did. And over Christmas when I told my sister-in-law my bra size she looked at my in disbelief, because she, like the vast majority of women, didn't understand correct bra sizing.

So here's the thing. A, B, C, D - those cups sizes? Not as common as DD, F, G, H, etc. But what sizes are typically sold in stores? The first four. And lest you be thinking, "What? Not everyone is that large," yes, you're right, but that second list of cup sizes aren't necessarily "large", but rather all about proportions of band width to bust width. In other words, cup size is not static. Let me say that again - cup size is NOT static! So where you might be wearing a 38D, if that band isn't very tight, you might need a 36DD, 34F, 32G, all of which are essentially (depending on UK/US sizing) equivalent as far as the volume of the breast occupying the cup of the bra. That's right. You might be wearing a D cup but actually need a G cup. It's not like you're suddenly huge, but you were just wearing the wrong size.

Why do I care so much about this? Because I was wearing the wrong size until I was at least 21 and wearing the correct size now makes so much more comfortable in my skin.

So...ladies, measure yourselves. There's a nifty measuring guide form that site, right here (more information on fitting when you actually try a bra on here). What the worst thing that can happen - you waste a few minutes of your time? Best thing that can happen? You find out what size you're really supposed to be wearing and you get it!

Totally worth it.

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