Sunday, January 5, 2014

Update from Vietnam - January 5th

I think the internet may be a little spottier these last few days, but there are still a few pictures and brief updates mostly every day.

From Clay: Day 7: Ha Long bay. Took highway most of the way. Peter had issues again (actually his bike, not him). I tried the Thai Red Bull knock-off brand called "Red Goats", it wasn't very good. Finally got to Ha Long bay about 5:00pm. We get on the boat tomorrow.

From Brandon: We just pulled into Ha Long Bay. Hotel tonight, and cruise tomorrow. The trip is winding down for sure. We just went out and got some dinner. We had shrimp, squid, and fish. All of it still looked like the animal before it died. The fish came to the table cooked, but still completely whole. It was kind of fun to pull off the skin with our chopsticks and start eating. Kind of gross to look at though... Clay gets a lot of attention here. People are not used to seeing anyone overweight. Everyone points at him and then runs up to touch his belly. Super awkward but kind of funny.

They'll stay in a hotel in Ha Long City tonight and then get on a boat tomorrow and cruise around the bay, spending tomorrow night (6th to 7th) on the boat before they head back to Hanoi on the 7th. Grant should be rejoining then tomorrow morning!

They definitely won't have wifi on the boat, so I probably won't hear much in the way of updates until some time on the 7th (if then).

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