Monday, January 27, 2014

Pirate O's

Several years ago I had someone mention Pirate O's to me as a place I might enjoy going. I completely forgot about it until yesterday when I was looking for an import store (maybe because I was also looking for some Gurana Antarctica - if anyone knows where I can buy that here in Utah, let me know!) and the thought popped into my head that someone had mentioned one down in Draper.

Brandon said he remembered going to Pirate O's growing up. Reading the reviews of the place on Yelp, I was pretty sure I needed to stop by, particularly as it is less than ten minutes from my work. So today I did!

For family, Pirate O's is a little store about a 100th of the size of Jungle Jim's. Filled to the brim of it's small walls with all kinds of delicious items. :) I'll have to go back.

And random find of the day - did you know that Kinder Surprise can now be legally sold here in the states? I had no idea, but there they were on the shelf staring down at me! Yes, please!

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