Monday, January 20, 2014

Midway Ice Castles

We headed out to Heber City to meet Clint (from Brandon's work) and Julie (Clint's wife and a Marine Biologist/Bear Specialist) at the Spin Cafe there. It was surprisingly delicious. I'd definitely recommend it. We split a salad, four cheese ravioli, and then a large helping of gelato (two flavors: creme bruelee and Baci/hazelnut). All fantastic. For a small city that doesn't have very many high reviewed restaurants, we really hit the jackpot. It's just a shame it's 40 minutes away or we'd go there more often!

Following the delicious dinner we headed West to Midway to the Ice Castles. Very cold, but also very cool! One of the oddest things from the evening was that while there were a few packed walkways inside the ice castle, we were mostly trudging through seven or eight inches of unpacked loose snow. The consistency was strange because it was cold like snow, but otherwise more like fluffy sand. It didn't pack at all under the thousands of people walking on it. Very interesting.

One view from the outside

Random fire performer.

Julie and Clint!


And attempt at a piggy-back photo...

We finished out the evening by driving back to Clint and Julie's house in Lehi and playing Five Crowns and Clue. Both very fun. Clue is one of those games that you don't need to play very often. However, this particular round of Clue was quite exciting. Brandon discovered the correct combination fairly quickly but didn't know that he needed to return to the center of the board to make an accusation. Thus began a mad rush to get to the center of the board first. Clint, however, did something odd by heading in the direction of another room and accusing Miss Scarlet (Julie) of something in that room, pulling her to that room rather than the handful of spaces she was from the center. A clever and quite amusing move. Rounds of that continued for a bit (I made it my personal goal to discover exactly what everyone had in their hands rather than beat everyone to the center) and then Brandon finally did make it to the center and won (as he ought to have). Very fun. :)

A few more pictures (of course) can be found on facebook.

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