Thursday, January 2, 2014

Brandon Update - January 2nd

It sounds like yesterday was a fairly exciting day for the Vietnam crew. Not a long day, but less room for error.

From Clay: "Day 4. The views just keep getting better and the roads just keep getting smaller. We crossed a rickety suspension bridge and a ferry made of bamboo that was just barely buoyant enough to hold up a bike. The last road we were on was dirt about 8 inches wide with a rock wall on one side and a cliff on the other. I kid you not. Will post GoPro videos when I get back in the states." Clay also posted two little videos that show Peter getting his bike off the little ferry.

From Brandon: Before they went out, "Today is going to be a shorter day but a lot more technical. Steep dirt roads and mountains. More tribal people in bright clothing. We are about to go down to breakfast. Some crepes with bananas and honey probably. Very simple crepes, not like the ones we are used to in the US." After "Day 4 was pretty stressful and terrifying... These trails were insane. Off-road does not quite capture the trails we were on. I am glad we are done for the day. Today was like riding a dirt bike from the top of the grand canyon to the bottom."

So handsome. :)

After a good nights sleep they'll head from Cao Bang (where they're at tonight) to Quang Uyen. They'll have their second home stay there.

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