Friday, January 3, 2014

A Vietnam Update from January 3rd

It always seems a little odd to be posting updated from the end of a day that is just starting for me. I guess that's what a 14 hour time difference does.

It sounds like Day 5 was an easier day than Day 4, though with a small hiccup in the middle of the day. Today their itinerary had them going from Cao Bang to Quang Uyen and then staying at a home (though from Clay's comment, I'm not sure whether it was a home or hotel.

From Clay: Day 5: Peter broke down for two hours so we had to skip lunch and haul ass down the mountain to make it to the hotel before dark. On the other hand I am so glad Grant suggested bringing protein bars.

From Brandon: Take a look at this cat. The eyes are cool. The animals here are different than the pets at home. The cats and dogs don't behave the same way around humans. They shy away. People don't touch them and form relationships with them the same way. Today was fun. Some rough riding, but the roads were wider so I didn't feel like I was going to die. We spent three hours broken down when Peters bike wouldn't start.

After some rest tonight, they should be heading to Lang Son in the morning. Fun, fun! And from a small update from Grant, it looks like he'll be rejoining them on Monday for the tail end of the trip. Hopefully he's been having a good time in Hanoi!

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