Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 is Almost Over!

Hello from the (late) middle of December!

As usually, I've been wonderfully terrible at picture taking...I need to make it a more casual thing, and take some pictures on my phone. I'm thinking of sending my proper camera (little, but nice than a phone camera) with Brandon when he heads to Vietnam, but we'll see.

Christmas shopping abounded up until last week with the last few things that we needed to get. Last Wednesday we went to Brandon's work Christmas party. It was fun to hang out and talk with some of his coworkers while eating good food.

Friday we drove down to St. George (with considerably good driving conditions in comparison to when we drove down last year!) and were quite surprised at the amount of snow that was there (and had been there for a week!). Even more odd was the way it stuck around. If you looked at the north side of the street (facing south) the yards looked like normal St. George, but if you looked at the south side of the street (facing north), it was covered in a few inches of snow. Down in St. George we did lovely Christmacy things like make and eat quiche Lorraine, make and eat a delicious prime rib dinner, wrap and unwrap presents, sing awkwardly ridiculous (but fun!) Christmas songs, listen to talks and songs about and by the Special Needs Mutual (Angie lead the music with a directing wand - it was surprisingly impressive - grand sweeping arms at each resolution of the music), chat with each other, play games, and of course a quick three hour trip to see The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. Because that last one is super-Christmacy. It was a good weekend and far too short (as it usually is!).

We had another work Christmas party just yesterday (my work party this time!) which started with a delicious dinner at the Dodo, coasted on a white elephant gift exchange that went throughout dinner (I ended up with a 16-GB thumb drive shaped like a Panda and Brandon ended up with a large colorful ornamental aluminum/tin pig. We're thinking about adding wings to it and declaring it the Cincinnati Flying Pig of our relationship.), and then wrapped up with a fun performance of Elf: The Musical at Pioneer Theater.

And now we're squarely in the middle of my last week with Brandon this year (blow to the heart!). We've got some fun plans for this weekend (Miracle on 34th Street or bowling on Friday? Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit and West Coast Swing on Saturday?) and then I'm off to the South on Monday evening or Tuesday  (Christmas Eve) morning and Brandon heads far far away to Vietnam for two weeks starting Thursday (Boxing Day). I'm only a little mopey...already. I'm going to miss him. :)

It has been exceedingly busy these last few weeks and will be quite busy on until just about the end of the year and then I'll have to figure out a proper routine so that I can stay busy without any trips to look forward to!

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