Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Remember, Remember!

We celebrated the 5th of November (Guy Fawkes Day) yesterday. I'd been planning a little party for about a month, but yesterday morning I came outside to four inches of snow on the ground. Not exactly the best outdoor party weather.

All the same, when I got home after work, while there was still some snow on the ground, it wasn't as bad as the morning had been. I'd picked up some wood from my roommate Katy's parent's house (they have a massive pile of wood, mounded easily higher than my head) over lunch and once that was over by the outside fireplace, I attacked the various delicious things in turn in the kitchen. Brandon, incredible as he is, showed up around 6:00 and helped me with the several recipes I had going at once. I'd already made parkin and bonfire toffee, which just left bangers, six can soup, and gunpowder punch. I also had fresh bread that had just come out of the breadmaker, carrots, licorice, starbursts (for roasting) rollos, and other sodas to drink. Lots and lots of food. There were about 15 people RSVP'd, but by the end of the evening I think only about ten made it (including my roommates). A little bit of a let down, only in that there was too much food. But at least it was delicious food. ;)

Brandon, between helping make the edibles, also got the fire going in our little outdoor fireplace. He said that when he initially started it there was briefly a moment of concern about the tree branches above the chimney of the fireplace, as the flames licked through the top of the shoot. But the fire relaxed and returned to a normal size fairly quickly. He also snuggled all the chairs up closer to the fire, making the entire thing much cozier.

The party got a late start and was a little sparse, but we ate, chatted, roasted starbursts, and warmed ourselves by the fire for quite awhile. After most everyone had left one of our surprise guests (someone who I didn't know) decided that it was time to burn his little Guy Fawkes effigy. And so we did, reading the "Remember, Remember" poem as he burned. It was surprisingly fun.

We'd also planned and set up to watch V for Vendetta (in retrospect, we should have tried to make that happen outside where we could sit by the fire and simultaneously watch the movie), but by the time we got to a good space for that, we only had two party guests left. They generously helped us clean up before heading home and then we went over to Brandon's and watched the movie there. I only got about half way before the exhaustion of the day won over and I headed home to bed. Fun day, though!

Brandon and I have fully entered a space where most of our friends are married and besides hanging out with those friends (who have obvious obligations in other areas), we're not particularly social. The somewhat weak draw of people to the gathering could have been a result of it being a Tuesday night and cold outside, but I think it's more likely that we've simply narrowed down our circle of intimate friends to a number that warrants smaller gatherings. I'll have to remember that for next time!

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