Thursday, November 14, 2013

A Month Long Week

I don't know why, but this week has felt a month long, and we're not even quite to Friday yet. It might have been the long three hour birthday meal with friends back on Monday. That made it feel like Monday was Friday, but then we jumped from "Friday" back into four more days of work, rather than the anticipated two days of semi-relaxation that usually follow Friday.

Maybe it also has something to do with the somewhat busier evening schedule that we've had this week as well, not allowing for as much Brandon time as I'd like. I'm pretty selfish with my Brandon time.

In fact, with that in mind, I've been considering the whole extroverted/introverted concept. My natural inclination is to say that I'm an outgoing introvert. When in crowds, I can take the crowd energy and run with it and enjoy it, but it is very draining. I need time alone to recharge my energy supplies. With one significant exception. Brandon, a lone anomaly, does something nearly exact the opposite of most people. Instead of feeling drained by him, I now I feel like I need time with him in order to feel fully energized. As in, after long expanses of time (relative to my standards of what "long" is) without seeing him, no matter how much time I get to myself, I can't manage to refill that energy supply. It's quite inconvenient.

I've been slowly working on trying to rebuild my "me" time's capability to recharge my batteries, but it is a slow process. I need to start gearing myself up for the two weeks (and change since I'll be gone a few days before he leaves) he'll be out of the country on an adventure. I'm fairly certain that my excitement for his travels will help me a good amount.

I recognize the significant value of being independent in the things I do, of being able to function on my own with very little input from others, but where I excell at certain aspects of that, I fail rather miserably at others. I'll figure it out. Eventually. ;)

Totally unrelated, I read Steelheart this week (a birthday gift from Brandon). It was excellent. I thoroughly enjoy most of Brandon Sanderson's writing, and this was certainly no exception to that. While I am impatiently anticipating Words of Radiance (another Brandon Sanderson book that is the second in what is meant to be his epic series), it was a good read.

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