Monday, October 28, 2013

Wonderfully Friendly

This past weekend we had a wedding reception, a funeral, and a wonderful rock climbing experience with Amy, Justin, Shayla, and Jake. And a birthday party for Brandon's long-gone roomie Grant! And then most of an afternoon/evening with Grant's family. Lots of good things.

Yesterday evening, upon returning to Brandon's place I was in need of just a little quality snuggle time before I headed home (because I'm like that), and as we snuggled, we watched our regular Wimp/Dump videos and this was one of my favorites. :)


(Postman Pat and his black and white cat)

Pretty much adorable, right? Although I don't currently have a cat of my own, I do at least have the wonderful friendly company of Bruce (Brandon's neighbors' cat with one eye) and Pharaoh (our neighbors' cat) to keep me somewhat sated for awhile. But as I've expressed on Instagram, I'm looking forward to seeing Thor, snuggle monster that he is. :)

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