Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tuts My Barreh

I'm posting this now before I forget, but it is too wonderful of a memory to leave to the chance of not having it later.

Brandon and I went to Cam and Emily's reception this evening (they got married earlier this morning) and we came home fairly early from the reception (by 8:00).

(Quick side note: I'm extremely critical (though not judgmental) of wedding dresses. Particularly in the LDS culture, I've just seen so many boring dresses. Granted, the wedding (and marriage) are NOT defined by the dresses, but it just doesn't seem that difficult to find an awesome dress, and  just doesn't happen. Emily's dress is one of the first I've seen that I've actually loved. Seriously. And I've seen over a hundred in the last five years or so on people that I know or are somewhat closely acquainted with. I think one of the biggest details that makes the difference is that the fabric is not white! It's a champagne (sp?) gold dress. A very soft creamy gold on a textured lace. Gosh, the color makes such a difference. Anyway...)

Getting home early without any plans, we chatted with one of my roommates for a bit than went over to his house to watch a new episode of a show. However, the episode wasn't out so we reverted to watching quick videos from all over the internet.

One of these was the following.

(Touch My Body (tuts My Barreh) /Karaoke Fail (english subtitles))

The subtitles are a little overdone, but even so, it's incredible. And terrible. Actually, the unforgiving subtitles are what make this video so amusing.

For whatever reason, this video had a particular impact on Brandon. Up until today I had never seen him cry in sadness or in joy. But this evening, while watching the above video, he dissolved into tears and breathless laughter. It was a wonderful sight to behold, as you might imagine. :)

An additional note on this, Brandon is actually the one who properly introduced me to Mariah Carey and the original music video with this song. Up until meeting and dating him, while I'd heard her name and music, I hadn't connected the two or really ever properly listened to her. But then, my musical upbringing didn't exactly dable much in popular pop music.

Watching this video (and Brandon's reaction to it) definitely made my day. :) I love that man!

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