Monday, October 14, 2013

Recap From This Week

Things have been busy, but not super-interesting busy, so I haven't had much to add for the past few days. But here are a few of the highlights.

On Monday my dad had a brief layover in Salt Lake which left us just enough time to go grab some dinner (pho!) and then swing by my house before taking him back to the airport. Brief, but good.

Tuesday Brandon and I went and saw Gravity at the Gateway. Based on a recommendation from Kyle via my dad to see it in 3D (not to mention that all the regular movie slots were in 3D and we were trying to get Brandon home by 9:00 for a Skype call to plan their Vietnam trip), we decided to go for that. Oddly, when we arrived to purchase tickets, the person who helped us gave us Cloudy tickets instead of Gravity tickets. We didn't notice this until the guy taking tickets informed us of that fact, though he said we shouldn't have a problem with seats. It's always a little uncomfortable knowing you might need to move seats (European trains, anybody?), but we ended up being fine. We brought in some Cafe Rio to eat because we didn't have time to eat beforehand. Lots of odd/unusual details. But the movie itself was fantastic. I definitely recommend it. 3D helped to add some cool depth to (since it is mostly set in space), but I don't think I would have minded seeing it in 2D. I just hate wearing the glasses and they always tend to darken the entire picture.

Wednesday Brandon and I finalized getting a membership at a local gym and we made our first trip, enjoying the cardio theater (imagine a dark theater room with a big screen, but cardio equipment instead of seats) as well as the hot tub and sauna. I've been twice since then, mostly to sit in the cardio theater and ride on a stationary bike. Just a few more weeks before I can run again.

I meant to do some yard work on Thursday but we've had a ridiculous amount of rain lately. Cross your fingers that today will be dry so I can mow the lawn later....

A friend from Cincinnati (Laura!) came to visit this weekend. She came for another friend's wedding which was on Saturday, but we got to enjoy some time together to talk and catch up on Friday and Sunday. It was really good to see her. And Brandon's dad, Duane was up for part of Friday and Saturday and treated us to a delicious Thai dinner at Sawadee. I cleared any doubts I might have had at Sawadee having the best Pad See Ewe I've tried.

Brandon and I finally made it back to West Coast Swing after a two month break! It was fun to try and remember all the things we've grown rusty at. And then Sunday the three of us (Brandon, me, and Laura) shared a delicious Pumpkin French Toast breakfast along with some Berry Kiwi Colada tea and pomegranate seeds. Yum!

Nothing wild or picturesque to report, but lots of good things.

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