Friday, October 4, 2013

Good morning from Friday!

Where we had a bit of frost on the mountain a week or so again, we had something between a proper snow and a frost last night. Not the thick layer of snow that we'll get frequently come winter, but definitely snow. It reached just down to the base of the mountains where you could see all the house roofs topped in white. And driving to work, it was easy to identify who lived up in those houses.

I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by it, as we had hail yesterday and there was still a little leftover on my car this morning. I did a bit of yard work yesterday (mostly trimming the bush next to the driveway) and right in the middle the hail just appeared and started coming down. It seemed rather odd. But before too long (time for me to run in and get a few other things done), it was done and I was back at trimming.

Happy Friday, by the way!

Brandon and I are headed down to St. George this weekend. Get a little bit of a break from the weather up here and get to spend some time with his parents and sister. Sure to be fun!

I've had a few things buzzing around in my head, but one in particular that I wanted to write down before it got lost entirely.

This past Saturday I woke up and decided (given that it was my first Saturday in months where I've had no morning obligations to run or whatever) to do some yard work. I picked up all the apples I could find and got started on the sticks as well. Two of my three roommates were already gone for the day and as I was working, the third came out, chatted with me for a bit, and then left to go biking with her sister. About ten minutes after she'd left it rather suddenly occurred to me that she might have locked the door out of habit as she left! And she did! So there I was, bundled to work for several hours, but already a good hour or so into it. I didn't need to go in right away, but I'd definitely need to get in at some point. I didn't have my phone, but worst case scenario I could walk over to Brandon's and ask him to call my roommates.

As I worked, however, I noticed that one of my roommates had left her window partially open. Granted, there was a screen in the window, but the window was still open. When I finally started to feel parched and in need of a break, I moved one of the two bookshelves that the previous occupant of my room had left out by the driveway, over under the window. Armed with a knife leftover from a cookout one of my roommates had for her students, I slowly wedged the metal brackets that keeps the screen in the window down until I could pop the screen out. With perhaps a little ware to the window itself. But I had the screen out, the window all the way open, and I was in! There's a certain thrill you get when you pull off something like that, even when you're breaking into your own house.

In the couple of days work since then, I feel like the yard is finally starting to feel like a usable yard, rather than a slightly overgrown jungle. A little more trimming, particularly with the ivy, and it will be the perfect place to host a Guy Fawkes day party or something. I'm still not sure that it's even legal to have open flame down here in the valley, but as we have a little stone oven, I think we'll improvise with that. Or perhaps we'll just head up into the mountains and have our fun there! We shall see!

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