Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Car Trouble?

This past week was a rather exciting car week for Brandon.

Last Monday (the 14th) as I did yard work outside after work (without my phone), at approximately 6:00 Brandon came outside from work and realized his car was no longer in the parking lot. His monitored work parking lot. Gone completely. After he called the police and they worked through most of the details of the stolen car report, he tried to get a hold of me via a coworker's phone (his is currently needing to be replaced) and even stopped by our gym to see if I were there, but his coworker eventually just took him home. I, oblivious to all of this, got all the text message and phone calls at around 7:00 and proceeded to call Clint (the coworker) and he let me know that he'd just dropped Brandon off. In sort of a rush I hurried over to Brandon's to see what the latest was and if there was anything I could do. Brandon was finishing the police report and finishing up some other details and we decided to go out for pizza since neither of us had eaten.

Tuesday and Wednesday we carpooled to work via my car since his work is sort of on the way to mine. I'll admit that I was actually just a little sad when his insurance company provided him with a rental vehicle Wednesday afternoon. Happy that he'd get to drive around wherever/whenever he needed to, but sad that our morning/afternoon drives were once again separate.

With the rental car, the rest of the week passed without too much notice.

Yesterday evening, however, around 10:30, Brandon sent me a quick message online saying they'd found his car. It actually wasn't too far from where he worked, only about three miles driving. It was tucked away in a little neighborhood and when the police asked, the local neighbors said that it had been there for at least two days.

When we got there, Brandon opened it with his key and there was still a shaved key in the ignition from whoever had stolen it. He hadn't had anything extremely valuable in his car, but several items (ski boots, work bag, sleeping bag, etc.) were taken. The police office who was there waiting for us explained that there was too much dust for them to dust for prints. Most interesting was that the glove compartment looked like it had exploded onto the passengers seat. I'm not sure whether the person who stole it was looking for money or personal information, but they looked through everything, including flipping through the owners manual.

All very interesting.

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  1. It's good to get an update on this situation. He's been on our minds and in our prayers. So stressful. So annoying. I'm glad it turned up. Phew!