Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend Update: Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Cookies

This weekend we made few plans in order to facilitate plenty of time to recuperate from the last two weeks of work. As a result, Friday night ended up being a movie night at Brandon's, complete with hot tamales (the candy) and a man-pedicure for Brandon. Oh! And I made beautiful, and fairly good, red velvet white chocolate chip cookies.

Red Velvet White Chocolate Chip Cookies!

Saturday included lots of sleep, a little running, and then a trip downtown for the Utah Brazilian Festival. It was raining pretty hard, but despite that we wandered the little festival and tried a variety of delicious Brazilian food while enjoying the loud band play the entire time, without any breaks at all. They had an enthusiastic crowd to cheer them on and dance while they played.

Thoroughly drenched we went back to Brandon's and turned his bathtub into a hot tub and enjoyed the latest episode of Newsroom and then watched Oceans Eleven with Brandon's roommate and friends.

Sunday morning I woke up and broke out my bread machine to start a loaf of bread. While it worked on itself I made muddy buddies and a chocolate chia seed pudding. Finished in about two hours, I finally made an egg in a basket using the fresh bread and it was quite delicious.

I also went for a walk in the evening and captured the beautiful sunset sky along with the house I run by regularly that makes me think of Gaudi.

Gaudi House
Sunset Sky

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