Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thursday Updates

Updated Tidbits:

There is frost on the mountains this morning. Not a thorough snowfall, but the beginning of one. Up near Timp there is a perpetual snow field (referred to by some as the "Glacier"), but this frosting of snow is the first I've seen of anything new for this upcoming winter. This whole week it has been rather chilly, even down here in the valley. I don't particularly mind. :) While the basement in the house (where my room is located) was surprisingly warm during the summer (I expected it to be cooler), the warmth has transitioned nicely over to these cooler days. It is still the warmest part of the house. I might be able to get away without my space heater this winter, but we'll see. I'll wait for it to be properly cold before I verify that statement.

Brandon and I went and saw the Lone Ranger at the dollar theater on Tuesday. Tickets to get in were very cheap, but we made the mistake of going for some popcorn and a drink and undid whatever we'd saved in the tickets. I think we'll stick to smuggling candy in. We had pretty low expectations for the movie, it having pretty low reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and looking rather silly. And while it was particularly silly and the writing wasn't amazing, I was still pleased we went and saw it. The level of absurdity was extremely high and the characters in the film at least had the decency to point this out (What is a horse doing on the roof, for example?). I'm not sure I need to see it again, or would recommend it as anything more than a passing amusement, but the I laughed a great deal and enjoyed Brandon's frequent chuckles of amusement at details throughout the entire thing. Another interesting point, it was probably the most suggestively violent Disney film I've ever seen. There wasn't much graphic violence, but there were a couple of particularly nasty things that happened just off camera. This is the wild west, but still.

We made dinner last night - a baked lemon pasta from our first date. It was still good, and I have the leftovers to verify that, but I think the flavor is still wanting has been good both time, but just isn't very interesting. Or perhaps my appetite was simply lacking last night.

We have few, if any, plans this weekend and I'll admit I'm pleased with that. We haven't been to Blues Dance down in Provo in a loooong time and West Coast has even suffered the last few months. We'll see if we can make it to either of those. My leg is still in about the same space, but as long as I don't go crazy dancing, I think it'll be alright. On second thought, there do seem to be a number other seemingly fun events afloat, so we'll see.

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