Thursday, September 19, 2013

Swords, Fishing Pole Racks, and Hiking!

Happy Thursday!

I've felt completely uninterested in blogging this week. Just catching up on Brandon-time, sleep, and food. I'm fairly certain I didn't consume enough calories in the hours after the race because, though my body has all but returned to 100%, I've just been tired off and on. I probably need to go running...

And hey, I think I'm only going to lose one little toe nail! :D I had a scattering of blisters on my left foot and one on my right and it took me a day or two to realize that the weird pressure in my second toe on my left foot wasn't a bruise, but in fact a blister under the toe nail. It doesn't hurt at all and isn't about to fall off, but I suspect that when the new toe nail starts growing in, this one will fall off.

My victory reward here in the office at work was presented to me yesterday. We now have a sword moving around the office, rewarded to whomever is deemed worthy until they should choose to bestow it upon someone else. It makes me smile to have a sword at my desk. :)

Sword of Victory!
I've been thinking in a rather crafty mode lately. One of the last tasks I had waiting in my room for me was to figure out where to put my little jewelry box so that it would be accessible to be used, but not in the way. It's just been hiding in the cupboard of my dresser for the last little while. But no more! I went to a little antique mall not to far from work on Tuesday and found an old fishing pole rack and an old cheese grater which I have slightly refashioned (the rack now has about twelve hooks on it) to hold my jewelry in a readily usable way. I'm excited to see how much use it gets. I'm not exactly a jewelry wearer (aside from earrings), but maybe seeing the necklaces and bracelets will inspire me to do more with them. I'll try to get a picture up before too long once I'm finished. As yet I still need to go through the many earrings that I never wear and decide which ones go in a little bag with the clip on earrings for costumes and which ones make their way to DI.

Brandon and I hike Timp with a group of friends tomorrow night! It will still be a full moon tomorrow night, so hopefully it will also be clear out so we can take full advantage of that. It's been about a year and two weeks since we last hiked it and those two weeks appear to make a difference in how cool it is outside! For certain, we will bundle up before we head up!

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