Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Maybe a Stress Fracture?

I had my doctor's appointment this morning. Pretty quick little deal. A nurse asked me a few questions, they x-rayed my leg and then a few minutes later the doctor came in, checked my leg for swelling, looked at the x-ray, and asked me a few more questions.

Based on the very specific description I had of the location of the pain, the type of pain, as well as the activity leading up to the pain, he agreed with me on my guess of it being a Stress Fracture. However, the x-ray came back looking pretty clean and this could be the case for a few reasons. It has only been about four days since the pain first started and it typically takes about a week for the repair work to show up on an x-ray (the fracture itself almost never shows - which is why you typically need a bone scan or MRI if there is more concern about the specific location of the fracture). The doctor mused that it would be interesting, in a purely academic sense, to have me come back in again in a week to see if we could see anything then. I doubt I'll be needing to do that.

In the meantime, as he did agree with me about it being something along the lines of a stress fracture, he recommended avoiding running for four to six weeks, but said that any non-impact exercises (biking, swimming, lifting weights) would be just fine. The only thing that was left slightly undone was the matter of whether I would need crutches as it does hurt to walk on it. I opted to take it easy and avoid being on my feet rather than needing crutches and he said he thought that'd be just fine as long as I really did take it easy.

So there you go. I still may or may not have a stress fracture, but from the sound of everything, it is likely I have a mild one. That being the case, I'll need to take things easy for a little while.

I suppose it's nice to have the confirmation of a professional, and the reassurance that there's nothing terrible wrong with my leg, but it mostly feels like I came out with the exact same knowledge that I went in with. Better safe than sorry, I guess.

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