Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Interesting Tidbits

Yesterday I went to a fabric store, just to explore and see what they had and, aside from having a nice variety of fabrics, they were playing classic rock and roll in the background, which I loved. I find the situation of a bunch of random middle age women listening to classic rock to be refreshing.

Pharaoh, the next door neighbor cat, paid me a visit yesterday evening as I was coming upstairs to make a quick dinner (another egg in a basket - I've got to use that fresh bread!). He appears to have mislaid his collar, but now that I've seen it, and his name, once, I didn't mind the lack. He was very friendly and enjoyed a little loving before wandering over to the front porch. I'm sure he wouldn't have minded if I'd have followed him to continue showing him affection, but I opted to make dinner instead.

The chocolate man came this morning. I haven't had cash much in the last several weeks, so I've had to decline buying any chocolate. He frequently has given me various chocolate items for $2-$3 even though I know that he'd prefer to get $4 for most of them. These are typically Toblerone that we're talking about, which are easily less expensive in the grocery store, but for whatever reason, I feel content buying them from him. I think the reason I don't mind paying twice as much on occasion for things like this is that when I pay $2 for it in the store, I don't know how much of that goes to the actual employees, but when I pay $5 for a chocolate bar from this man, I know that whatever the excess from how much he originally paid for it goes directly to him, and that's somehow satisfying.

Last night there was a mention of a company that has slowly been nose-diving in their profits and probably wouldn't exist in a year if they weren't being bought by another company. Along with the change of hands, a situation was presented, essentially that the executives of this company were saving about five million dollars of the buy out terms for themselves while simultaneously having to cut about sixty jobs in the deal. This makes no sense to me. Here you have a small handful of people who are already making waaaaaaay more than they deserve and, after they've screwed things up enough that the company can no longer exist, we're going to give them a huge bonus. And while we're at it, we're going to put sixty people out of work - people who are probably supporting families with their income and benefits. Disgusting.

In other news, I'm a little bit sick today. Slight cough and not feeling 100%. I actually considered calling in sick today, just to get a little more sleep, but there was one rush project that really needed to get out the door. Thus, I'm here at work. I'm planning on purchasing one of those Vitamin C bombs and some orange juice over lunch, though it may be too late for that to be overly beneficial. But I have the marathon this weekend, so I need to be healthy and well and I'll try anything to make that so!

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