Thursday, September 12, 2013

Getting ready for this weekend...

Brandon and I both appear to have come down with a slight cold - mostly a sore throat but with a side of stuffiness this morning for me. We've guessed that it originated with our thorough soaking this past Saturday at the Brazilian Festival. If only cream filled churros (not exactly Brazilian) hadn't been so tempting. And the line hadn't been so slow. But they were and it was. And the churro was the best I've ever had.

The weather here has turned decidedly fall-esque. Mostly just rainy, overcast, and a little chilly. This is normally one of my favorite types of weather, but I wouldn't mind if it were a little warmer coming up on the marathon this weekend.

I just checked the forecast for the Cottonwood Heights area (not even up in the mountains), and while we might be able to avoid the rain for the several hours I'll be running, the temperature looks to be around 60-70 degrees at the warmest. Probably much chillier up at the top of the canyon. So I will dress in layers until the race starts....and I might run in them too, depending on how things look. I've never taken full advantage of the little bags you can bring that will be waiting for you at the finish line, but I think I will this time.

Things I'll maybe want either just before or with me during the run:

-Hot tea in a thermos (throat coat!)
-Breakfast (bus pick up is between 4:00 and 5:00 to take us to the top of the mountain - plenty of time to eat breakfast rather than having to wake up extra early just to eat) (I'm thinking a banana with a bagel topped in peanut butter)
-An Umbrella
-Gloves (to wear before and run in)
-Extra pair of socks (or maybe knee high socks?)
-long sleeve shirt (to wear over a t-shirt and maybe run in)
-Hoodie (maybe to run in?)
-Scarf (I don't like running with scarves, but if I still have anything resembling a head cold...)
-Hat (to run in?)
-Corn bag?

Any other recommendations? I'll be wearing my running capris, so the long socks might be ok. In some of my earlier longer runs, I wore pants, and then shorts and long socks, but since I purchased those capris, it's hard to want to wear anything else....they're just so not fussy. And they have plenty of pockets.

Between now and then I just need to make myself feel better! Lots of rest and relaxation...I'm pretty sure I had about eight mugs of hot tea yesterday in addition to the plethora of water bottles. Let's just say I've been making plenty of trips to the restroom as a result, but I'm definitely hydrated! (Update from Friday: I had approximately 25 cups of water yesterday - crazy!)

Not running related, we're getting together with a couple Brandon knows from his work tomorrow evening and then going to a reception Saturday evening! It's seems a little strange to me that we have so many social events planned without evening trying! Assuming I get through this marathon without dying I'm sure it will all be lots of fun. :)

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