Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Brief Jaunt Up to the PNW!

Good morning from Salt Lake City!

This weekend in the Pacific Northwest was perfectly lovely, though definitely too short.

Late Friday evening after work we got a ride to the airport and caught our flight to Seattle. Once in Seattle we scrambled to the Light Rail Station and bought tickets and got on. A train was coming in when we were crossing the bridge to the station and we thought we'd need to hurry to catch it, but there was actually another train on the other side that was closer to leaving that we were able to get on. The light rail took about thirty minutes or so to reach the downtown and we scurried from there down the hill to the pier to see if we could catch the 10:05 ferry to Bainbridge Island. Unfortunately, we were about five to ten minutes too late for that so instead we enjoyed a surprisingly satisfying breakfast sandwich from Subway as we waited the thirty minutes or so until the next ferry. We were able to leisurely enjoy the half hour trip across the water and Jaime (with Scarlett and Tyler in tow) quickly arrived to pick us up once we were there. A short drive later and we'd arrived at their house and were ready for bed!

Bright and early I got up to get my long weekend run in (9 miles). The Pacific part of Washington is absolutely gorgeous and between the scenery and the sweet air, I quite enjoyed my run. The hills were occasionally taxing, but not too much to handle. Back at the house I showered and then, once everyone was awake and fed, we headed to the farmer's market (blueberries, zucchini, peaches, green beans, basil, and ice cream!) and then to the little science center in Poulsbo. Rob and Zachery met up with us there and we walked through town to grab lunch at a pizza place before stopping in at the bakery for some treats. Poulsbo felt a lot like Twisp and Winthrop, but slightly bigger and with the addition of all the boats and water.

We took it easy in the early afternoon and then went blackberry picking before Brandon and I headed back to the ferry to Seattle to meet up with some of his good friends from college. We'd originally planned on going to a homestyle Italian restaurant, but after grabbing a few chunks of delicious cheese from a nearby deli, we stopped by the place only to find it closed for the weekend. After deliberating a bit we ended up heading to the Skillet, a place that had a variety of Southern themed cuisine. Very enjoyable. Even better was the ice cream to follow at a place just a few blocks away. Amazingly delicious. We stopped by Kerry Park before they dropped us back at the ferry. We'd thought to catch the 10:55 ferry, like we had the day before, but when we arrived (around 10:20), there was a ferry at the pier unloading. Inside we asked when the next ferry was (the guy selling tickets said 11:15 for some reason), and eventually came to the conclusion that it was leaving at 10:40. Which, since we were there, we were quite happy with. Much better than arriving at 10:45 to realize the next ferry left in half an hour instead of ten minutes.

Sunday morning we got up for church and then came back and Jaime made delicious grilled cheese sandwiches before we all settled to take a nap and relax a bit. After naps we headed out to one of the beaches and walked around for awhile, watching the fishermen up to their waists in the water. Once we'd sated our need for sunshine and rock throwing we headed back to the house. The missionaries were just walking down into their neighborhood and they were quickly invited over for dinner. Which we began shortly thereafter! Home made macaroni and cheese, green beans, and watermelon! While all of that came along nicely, the blackberries, which we'd mushed a bit and let sit, planning to put into the ice cream as the main flavor later, appeared to have about a hundred tiny tiny worms in it. Bizarre! Our first thought was maybe we could sift the worms/fruit pieces out and just use the juice, but the worms went right through with the juice, so we tossed everything and decided to go with chocolate ice cream instead. Dinner and ice cream were both delicious and decidedly worm free.

Monday morning I got up again for a short run and then after showers and a slight breakfast, Brandon and I went to the bakery to pick up some donuts and treats for a more filling breakfast. Everyone was ready to go by the time we got back and we then headed to the beach closer to Bainbridge Island, originally planning on going to tide pools, but instead enjoying the variety of the beach we ended up on. We'd wanted to catch the 1:10 ferry back to Seattle to head to Pike Place Market, but when we finally all ended up in the car to leave, it was already 12:42 with an estimated time to the pier of 25 minutes. We scrambled to the pier and pretty much jumped out of the car, waving goodbye, before running up to the bridge to the ferry. And it was still there! We ran on and then sat down to catch our breath and the ferry pulled away within a minute of us getting on. It was a little close but we were on!

We walked down to Pike Place Market and walked through all the stalls and stores, finally getting some clam chowder and a hunk of aged chedder. A quick walk up to the light rail and we were headed back to the airport. It was much easier to enjoy the scenic nature of the ride during the day rather than the night (like our earlier ride). At the airport we were checked in and waiting at our gate before we knew and then on the flight headed back to Salt Lake! We passed Mount Rainier on our way Southeast and it was incredibly awesome. Even though I'd flown by it before, it was just an amazing sight. A lone mountain reaching high up into the sky all on its own.

It was wonderful getting to spend some time in the Pacific Northwest with Jaime, Rob, and the kids, wonderful to see the landscape and enjoy the atmosphere, as well as a few of the sights of Seattle. I just wish we could have stayed longer. :)


  1. We wish you could have stayed longer, but thank you for coming at all. We had such a wonderful visit with you both, despite the worms. I've learned that we should have washed them right away after they were picked, perhaps with a little bit of vinegar in the water. The worms apparently hatched and multiplied quickly once they had the sugar to feed on. Lesson learned. :)

  2. Very interesting! I'll have to keep that in mind the next time I pick any kind of berry.