Thursday, August 1, 2013

There's really not a whole lot of new going on here.

Hey! That's right, I have a blog. ;)

This past week and change have been...busy. But I don't feel like I have much to report here on my end.

Let's see:

-Remember how I was going to be all up and on top of my running? Crashed and burned there. I have only run once (and only a little more than a mile) since the half. I've been looking all over for my motivation and enthusiasm and they remain very very elusive.

-We went to Lagoon with Brandon's tennis friends (more than tennis friends now) Roman and Tim. Roman works for GE and they sponsored the entire thing plus dinner. For any of you heading to Lagoon, don't carry anything on you that you don't absolutely have to. I've been to many a park that had cubbies or whatever near the rides to store shoes and purses in, but that's not a thing at Lagoon. The best they could do was haphazardly have lockers (some free, some not) near the front of the lines on some rides. And an absolute rule that you can't have purses or anything with you on the rides. Never mind that my purse has a strap over my shoulder and tucks in nicely on any and all rides. We got rid of my purse and a few other items back at the car after only a few rides. Everything went much more smoothly after that. :) There is also an oddly high amount of foreign workers at Lagoon, most of them from Poland, I believe.

-I got to see two good friends from Indiana on Tuesday! :D Lydia and Linda were here seeing friends, attending a wedding, and dress shopping themselves. So fun to catch up with them a little since I only get to see them every few years!

-Brandon and I played Ultimate Frisbee (or rather Goaltimate) on Pioneer Day (a wonderful excuse for a day off from work) last week and I was drafted into their Corporate Games Ultimate Frisbee team. Yes, please! I know that a large percentage of my being drafted into the team is due to their desperate need for more female players, but I think I demonstrated that I can hold my own in a proper game, given the opportunity.

-We had a German food night last night at Brandon's. His roommate Nate lived in Germany (I think that's right) for awhile and cooked Schnitzel, a hot potato salad, and a cold cucumber and tomato salad and I made Streusel Koechen (basically a sweet bread crusted in cinnamon sugar and butter). It was delicious!

I think that's really about it. A week and change and there's just not much to tell you. Oh, but wait! Brandon's an uncle again! Jaime and Rob had a beautiful little boy (Tyler) about a week ago! See, there are some exciting things happening, just not around here. ;)

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