Saturday, August 10, 2013

Soccer, Goat Cheese, and Pho!

Trying to keep up with the beautiful things!

Yesterday the highlight of my day was playing soccer for two hours with Brandon and his team from work. A week ago I just sat on the sidelines watching but this week they needed another girl to play and they didn't have any subs so I brought everything I needed and joined the team. I'll admit that I was very apprehensive about playing soccer because aside from the brief sections of time we spent playing soccer in gym class back in high school, I'd never played. However, on defense, I actually had a really great time and am now probably looking forward to next Fridays soccer more than Ultimate Frisbee on Tuesday/Wednesday.

This morning Amy I met up at the Farmer's Market and walked around the entire thing. We bought delicious watermelon/lime/strawberry/mint drinks and I found some delicious peaches, goat cheese, and salami. Up until today I hadn't really bought much at the Market. It's exciting to have some lingering treasures from the visit. 

This evening has good things in store. Namely pho, which I've decided is one of my all time favorite meals, and possible a movie later on. Why is pho so fantastic? Well, aside from the fact that the initial flavor is typically pretty wonderful, you can easily add a few things in, such as lime juice and mint leaves, and you've completely altered the flavor and made it even more wonderful. Best of all, the aspect of pho that makes me keep coming back for it, is that Brandon and I can share a dish of pho and be completely satisfied and full - not the I'm-so-full-because-I-ate-so-much full, but the That-was-exactly-what-I-needed-and-it-just-hit-the-spot. In other words, when I don't want my body to feel completely weighted by whatever I've eaten, which is most of the time, one of the first things that pops into my mind is, "Pho!" So, there you go. I'm excited to eat pho tonight. Particularly as I'm been telling Brandon I've been wanting pho for over a week. There just aren't any pho places close to where I currently live/work!

Quick anecdote from this week. We went to Olive Garden some time earlier this week (Tuesday, I think) and I ordered the Zuppa Toscano (or however you spell that) and Brandon ordered the Gnocchi soup and we got a salad on the side to split. We were both very full after eating the salad, breadsticks, and soup, but the waitress still looked shocked when we said we were definitely done. Sure, I'd have liked to have room for dessert, but I simply didn't! Brandon and I concluded from this that our eating habits are apparently not normal.

Speaking of living/working, I move this upcoming week! A week from now and I'll hopefully have just about everything moved up to the new place! I'm very excited. :) Brandon keeps telling me I have a lot of stuff. He's mostly teasing me, but he's right. But when I look around my room (acknowledging that a lot of the "stuff" is furniture) I don't feel like I have that much stuff that's unnecessary. There are a few things. And where those things are, I'm hoping to trim down a little. We'll see how much that really happens. ;) 

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