Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Roses, Dogs, and Thick Paper 3

A little highlight from my run last night. I just did a quick run after the sun had set past the mountains but was still lighting up the sky. On my way home a car stopped just past me as I crossed a street  (initially making me a little nervous) and a girl tried to hand me an orange-pink rose. I laughingly declined and thanked them, as running with a rose can be kind of awkward. ;) But the thought and spontaneity of it made me very happy as I ran home. Also on my way home, I passed a house where a dark fluffy little dog watched me as I walked by. It was very cute. :) I pass a lot of dogs as I run and I always wonder what they're thinking.

Today is an Ultimate Frisbee day! If we do well tonight we'll play tomorrow. I'm looking forward to playing tonight, but really, after soccer last Friday, I'm looking forward to soccer this Friday more than ultimate during the week.

In work news, this morning I discovered the key to not making a certain kind of paper smear the ink. We've been trying some different things to make luggage tags and for the last several months I've had to tip toe around making them without messing them up. No more. And what was the key? Just knowing exactly what kind of paper setting to print it on. Thick Paper #3! Wish someone had told me sooner!

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