Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Queen of the (Non-violent) Bruises

I think I might have set a record of large-ish bruises this past week, at least for me. Between Ultimate Frisbee, Soccer, moving, and random run-ins in unfamiliar territory, I'm sporting quite a few colorful splotches. The shiniest of these is one I obtained yesterday morning as I hurried down the stairs to my room. Right at the bottom of the stairs there is a narrow frame to the opening to the basement and I nailed that frame with my left knee. It was one of those moments where you just have to sit down for a second and wait for the shock of the pain to pass. The pain really isn't that bad, or it at least goes away pretty quickly, but for that moment, you just have to wait.

In better news, I'm much closer to being moved in. For whatever reason, I never felt completely comfortable using my kitchen in the last place, but I appear to have no qualms in the new place. Last night as I waited for Brandon to come over with a few things I cut up a fresh cantaloupe and have been enjoying the fruits (literally) of my labor since then.

I don't think I mentioned it, but last Saturday when we rented a Penske truck and moved the ten big items I couldn't fit in my car, things were a little odd. I made a reservation to pick the truck up from a Home Depot at 10:00 but at 7:30 or so they called and told me that the truck was late coming up from Provo and probably wouldn't be to the store until 10:30/11:00. That was just fine as we'd wanted to start a little later. We picked up some donuts from a local doughnut bakery and headed over to the old house to get all of the furniture ready to go. Around 11:30 we had everything out in the yard except the couch and a large painting, but I still hadn't heard back from the Penske people about whether our truck was ready. So, we dropped by the Home Depot and made ourselves known to them. They called the Penske people and were told that the truck would hopefully be to the store by 1:00. Frustrated, "inclined to be grumpy," we stopped by Uhaul just to see what their rates were like and then picked up some drinks at Smiths. Lunch seemed like a good idea but there was nothing but a Panda Express around, so we went there. I hadn't been there in several years and after we'd ordered our plate of food to split we quickly remembered why that was. I think, between the two of us, we finished maybe a quarter of the plate and then threw the rest away. I don't plan on ever going to Panda Express again.

With nothing better to do and 1:00 drawing near, we went back to Home Depot and wandered the aisles for interesting things. As we were wandering, the lady from the rental equipment department called saying she'd called the truck people and they weren't picking up. She called again a few minutes later and tried to explain something over the phone but couldn't understand me. I finally got through and let her know we were in the store and would stop by her desk in just a minute. Back at her desk we found out that the/a truck was at the Penske location just a little North of where the store was, but that they didn't have any drivers to get it to Home Depot. At which point they asked us if we wanted to go pick it up there, which we immediately jumped on. Finally, more than three hours from when we'd originally wanted to pick it up, we were headed to get it. And from there everything went smoothly. Almost exactly two hours later we were dropping the truck off, everything picked up and dropped off. Not only did I get a 50% discount for the lateness of the truck, but I also got an hourly rate instead of the daily rate because of how speedy we were. So where things started out a little crazy, they ended well.

We also got together with one of my good friends Antony and his wife Denisse and their new little baby Leo! It was a good Saturday.

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