Monday, August 26, 2013

Productivity in the Weekend

Happy Monday!

This weekend has been fairly productive. Friday night we went over to Zach and Emily's place and had a very chill dinner of pizza and assorted beverage mixes (mixing sparkling grape juice, orange juice, and cranberry juice in whichever way seems most appealing). Afterward came several rounds of Rummikub. :)

Saturday I (finally) went for a run in the new area. I'd debated driving to and running down the canyon but I opted to just run from home. The route I chose was surprisingly hilly and I've been feeling it for the past several days. Brandon and I went for breakfast around lunch time to Egg in the City, a cute little place that always seems busy on Saturday mornings. After ordering separate dishes and each finishing about half of what we ordered we decided that we needed to default to ordering one dish to split and then ordering more when/if we wanted more.

We'd planned on going hiking with Amy and Justin in the early evening, but around 4:30 it started raining extremely hard. Most of the windows in the house were open and I initially closed all of them with about an inch left open for a little air flow but finally had to run around and close all of them completely as the rain was so heavy that it was sneaking in all the cracks. Given the weather we decided to cancel the hike and instead went to Dodo in Sugar House for dinner and then drove down to Draper to play at Airborne. We tried the obstacle course a number of times and after successfully making it to the slack line several times but never across the slack line, I determined that I need to work on my slack lining skills. After an hour of that we rounded the evening out with a Cazookie and a Magic Potato (and something else that Justin got that I can't remember!) at The Chocolate. Delicious.

Yesterday morning I woke up bright and early (though I'd planned on sleeping in) and attacked one of the storage rooms in the basement to clean it up and make some more room for a few other things that were hanging out in the main part of the basement. Several hours later and I could walk in easily and access just about everything in the little shelved room.

Today, continuing the productivity, I finally got a morning run in around my slightly altered schedule and location. It wasn't quite light out when I started my run but by the time I got back to the house the clouds were rosy as the sun started to peak over the mountains a little. I almost got waylaid starting my run by our beautiful black long haired neighbor cat who decided to be friendly, but with a surge of will power I was able to pet him goodbye and get going (Bruce, Brandon's beautiful black one-golden-eyed neighbor cat will surely be jealous of my new acquaintance). I have my penultimate (from a 10-class groupon) Pure Barre class scheduled for this evening right after work and then, light willing, maybe I'll spend a little time out in the yard making it more accessible.

I have a couple other things I should be doing, but at least my procrastination is productive. :)

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