Friday, August 16, 2013

Painting, moving, playing!

Happy Friday to all of you!

Since Tuesday I've moved a considerable amount of my stuff to my new place with the last car load currently occupying my car. Once this is unloaded I'll just have the last ten large items to move tomorrow via truck. Almost there!

Wednesday I got the green light on what kind of paint to get for my new room and I've spent the last two nights (minus ultimate frisbee play time on Wednesday - we won, by the way!) painting away. The color is a rich gold/yellow. It gives the room a lot more umph, though it's a little darker than I'd anticipated. It's amazing how long painting a room can take. I think in a normal, modern room, things aren't too complicated. You edge around the doors, outlets, and floors/ceilings and then attack with a roller. This room has a few more oddities than the average with a variety of pipes and other things. While none of those things bother me, the extra time it takes to work around them when painting is a pain. But we're three quarters of the way through! We just need to put a second coat on two of the four walls and maybe a few touch ups and we're done. At least for now. Hopefully we'll be able to get all of that done tonight so that the paint will be mostly dry for when we bring the big stuff tomorrow.

I had a panic moment at Home Depot today. I'd forgotten the exact number for the color I've been painting with and when I looked at all the color swatches, my mind totally blanked. I'd spent too much time looking at all of them, so all of them looked familiar. I picked what I thought was the correct one, but only got a quart rather than a gallon. So we may have to go back for more tonight. Which isn't a big deal, since there's another Home Depot about ten minutes from the house and they're open late. And if I picked the wrong color, will go back a little sooner.

Soccer tonight with Brandon and his company team! Ultimate Frisbee was really fun this week, but I'm definitely looking forward to playing tonight. And the women will have some subs so we can take some breaks this time! I think we'll either play one or three games. Win one and we get second place, win three and we place first! The second and third would be against the same team because we lost to them once already and have to get the best two out of three. But we might not even make it that far. Regardless, it should be fun!

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