Thursday, August 8, 2013

Embracing the Pauses

One of Brandon's three incredible sisters posted this quote to her blog a few days ago.
Maybe the ‘good stuff’ isn't ahead of or behind us. Maybe it’s somewhere in between. Right in the midst of this moment, here and now…. Perhaps, the abundant life we've been seeking has little to do with big events and comes in a subtler form: embracing the pauses in between major beats.
-Jeff Goines, The In-Between 
I really love this quote and I find it especially meaningful at the moment, given the past few seemingly empty weeks that I've had. As any of you reading my blog may have noticed, there hasn't been much exciting for me to report the last few weeks. It's been a constant cycle of sleep and work with a few other random things thrown in. At least, that's how it has felt mentally. But really, when I take a close look, I think I know better. I know that life is incredible and full of color. And most of the time, I notice the tiny details that surround me and they give me happiness. But I've been wandering around not noticing those things and that needs to change.

Partially contributing to this is the fact that I haven't been running. Let me say it again, if only for my benefit: Running makes me happy. It helps my brain and body to function at a more optimum level. (In other words, "Geneva, get with the program!")

A while ago I tried to list highlights from each day as they went by. I think that helped me to be more aware of some of the not-super-small, but small details and things that were going on around me. I'd like to try and do that again.

So, here's for today. I have a bag of beautiful cherries sitting on my desk at work. I bought them yesterday on a whim and the only reason I haven't started eating them is because I need to get up and go and wash them. Which I will do shortly upon finishing this post.

Also, for yesterday, I got to play Ultimate Frisbee with Brandon in his Corporate Games. It was really cool to be invited and get to play, even if I was in something of a sour mood for not being able to do much besides defend. I'm glad I got to play.

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