Monday, August 12, 2013

Chicken Lasagna and Moving Trucks

Sunday's highlight was a chicken lasagna, which doesn't sound particularly exciting, particularly as it's just one of those frozen ones from the grocery store, but Brandon and I were both delighted to find it at the grocery store the other day. You see, we'd tried the vegetable lasagna and the traditional lasagna from the same company, and while they were both good, neither were quite what we were looking for. I, at some previous time, had tried the mythical chicken lasagna and had filled Brandon's head with stories of how delicious it was, but we never saw it at the grocery store. Until Saturday. In addition to the chicken-y deliciousness, we also had some wonderful ice cream sandwiches, something which neither of us had had in a good while. The sunset was particular beautiful last night as well (we ate our ice cream sandwiches outside).

Random tangent, we also watched Saving Private Ryan on Saturday. I'd seen the beginning in a history class a number of years ago, but had never seen it all the way through. It was good. A little scary to watch, to consider how violent war is, but still good. Last night we finished watching Notting Hill. It was cute. Also a little annoying.

Today looks to be a great day. I reserved a truck for a few hours on Saturday morning to move the nine big things that won't fit into my car. I'm so ready to be someplace new! This evening I plan on packing books, pretty much the last big-ish thing that I need to do. Three bookshelves full of books. Pretty much one of the only things worth boxing up. I'd also (hopefully) like to go for a nice 5 mile run today. I've been really struggling with running still, particularly the long runs and running in the morning, but my time to train is running out so I've got to stick to my game.

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