Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Few More Days

Tuesday night Brandon and I made a delicious dinner of gnocchi (store bought) in a garlic/basil sauce and broccoli in a lemon/garlic sauce. We also had some delicious fresh cut cantaloupe which has become something of a staple in my diet the last two weeks (I've bought three cantaloupes in that space of time and I seem to finish every one within two days of cutting it).

After dinner we walked over to his house and on the way we saw the most beautiful rainbow. It was incredible picturesque, situated directly over the mountains to the East with beautiful light at each end as the sun was preparing to go down beyond the mountains to the West.

I was only able to capture a small part of it, but it was a very complete rainbow. 

Oh, and I locked my keys in my car! I'd gone to the grocery store over lunch and then returned to the office to sit in one of the empty offices and read a book until my lunch was over. At the end of my lunch I went out to my desk but one of my co-workers (who isn't usually in the office) was using my desk still, so I decided to grab my keys and run out and get some juice and put it in the fridge. This went fine except that I left my keys in my car after grabbing the juice. Several hours later, around 4:00 I was putting all my stuff together, anticipating heading out from work in about an hour and I realized my keys were no where to be found. So I went out and glanced in my car and, sure enough, there they were on the passenger seat. I immediately ran inside and called Brandon to see if he could drive home and then drive my spare key out to me. As I called my roommates to make sure someone would be there to unlock the door for him, he informed the necessary co-workers of his unexpected departure and another co-worker overheard that I'd locked my keys in my car and made a fantastic offer. Due to some policy that he had, I think similar to AAA, he had unlimited services for things like unlocking locked cars for friends and family and he could send someone my way. Brandon quickly texted me to let me know that he could get a locksmith to me within about 20 minutes (and that it would be free) and then he called and I gave him the appropriate information to find my car. And then, 20 minutes later the locksmith showed up and within a handful of minutes my car was open and I had my keys! Amazing. He asked me who he'd be billing and I told him I didn't really know, but that it had been an employee at Brandon's company who had called him. That seemed to spark some recognition and after filling out a small form out, he was on his way. It all happened so quickly and was so quickly taken care of. I was quite impressed. And thankful to Brandon and whoever it was at Brandon's work that made everyone's lives easier!

Wednesday I got to finished off the cantaloupe. I paired it with dark chocolate (with almonds and sea salt). Because, you know, that makes sense. And hey! I went running again Wednesday morning! :D I've finally entered the running stage where I've deemed it acceptable to get up and be out the door running more than an hour before the sun comes out. I, of course, take my pepper spray to keep me company. I won't be sad when I can get up at a slightly more reasonable time to run a much shorter distance. However, it should be noted that the running weather Wednesday morning was perfect. Cool, but not too cool, and a light breeze to keep the sweat from collecting on my skin.

This morning I had a little shorter of a run compared to yesterday and for whatever reason, my head just wasn't in the game. Most of the time, though physically demanding, running is mentally easy for me. Not so this morning. I had to continue to convince myself to keep going and not to walk.

I'm going to try and give blood tonight with a friend after work! Fun!

We leave for Seattle tomorrow evening! I've been going over the details of the two runs I'd like to make happen while we're there as well as the details of getting from the airport to the ferry pier in a timely manner. I can't remember ever visiting the Peninsula across from Seattle, though I have family there. I'm very excited. Both to see the area and to visit with Brandon's sister and her family! The Pacific Northwest has always had a very special place in my heart. Perfect weather and vegetation and a lively culture.

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