Saturday, July 13, 2013

Those Perfect Moments

This past Thursday and Friday had a few perfect moments. I'm not talking perfect as in magical and awe inspiring, but rather perfectly hilarious. Moments when I wish so badly I'd had my video cam recording.

On Thursday Brandon and I went to Boondocks for his work party. I'd been to Boondocks once before, but it was for a less organized event and you felt the weight of the cost of each activity. This time, we had wristbands that pretty much allowed us unlimited access to everything and we stayed pretty late taking advantage of that (and got "rainy" day passes to come back since the rain was looming most of the afternoon!). After a pizza dinner, we teamed up with another couple (Clint and Julie) and took the building by storm. We started with a rollercoaster simulator at the recommendation of a co-worker and then moved onto air hockey, go-carts, miniature golf, the batting cage, more go-carts, laser tag, more miniature golf. It was a fantastic time.

That perfect moment came at the end of our first round of miniature golf. The last hole of the course was a volcano that shot out fire if you made it into the narrow trough in the center of run. I went first and hit my ball right into the trough but instead of going in, knocked another ball that had been stuck there. Burst of fire. I then tried again with my ball and missed the trough. I moved over to the side as Brandon came forward to go and as he was lining up to hit his ball, he turned his head to say something to me to the right and to the front of him and a spurt of water shot out and nailed him on the left side of the back of his head, soaking the back of his head and his shoulder. The shock and surprise that played across his face were perfect. None of us could believe it for a minute and then we couldn't stop laughing about it for the next ten minutes as we waited to see if it got the next group. Sweet man. Unwittingly taking the consequences of my missed shot. :)

Friday after work Brandon and I met up, grabbed some sandwiches from Gandolfos, and headed for Saltair, near Magna to sit in the sand and have a picnic as the sun set. We arrived and walked towards the beach, passing an enormous building with golden cones on each corner. I'd thought for some reason that this was some sort of museum, but when I asked Brandon he said that it was actually opened for concerts and events. And then details came together in my mind and I realized that my freshman year at BYU I'd come to this venue for a Taking Back Sunday concert. I'd really had no idea that I'd been there before.

Beautiful Sunset

Off to the beach we headed and enjoyed a delicious sandwich dinner. After we sated our hunger we headed out into the water. It's really pretty cool because once the water starts, the level of the sand at a few inches extends for a really great distance. We probably walked 50 meters out into it or more before we stopped to take some picture. As we were finishing up with our cutesy/cool pictures of the sunset, Brandon decided that he wanted to do some handstands. Brandon is able to pull off some really cool body poses, handstands being among them. The first several handstands looked great, even including a one handed hand stand. He was going to do one more one handed hand stand and instead of the sand being firm under his hands, one hand sank right into the sand and he flopped backwards. If he'd had any idea that it was coming, he might have been able to bridge up and get minimally wet, but without any clue, he pretty much feel right on his back into the water. It was perfect. :) Again, that look of utter surprise at going from cool and suave to rather wet. I love him. :)

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  1. I love all these photos. But, yes. Video would have been excellent!