Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pilaf vs. Plov

At dinner on Friday night when I ordered my pilaf side pre-race, "pilaf" came out of my mouth sounding a lot more like "plov." Brandon and the server gave me a funny look and clarified what I wanted  with the two syllable name and I sat back slightly confused at the common pronunciation and why I was completely and utterly unfamiliar with that pronunciation. Like I'd never heard it said before.

Honestly, I'm not sure I'd ever verbally spoken the word "pilaf" before Friday night. Somehow I had skirted it and ignored it when others around me had said it. But Brandon was certain that that was both the correct pronunciation and the only way he'd heard it at any restaurant he'd been to either here in the West or back in the midwest in Cincinnati.

As I looked at the pilaf on my plate, all I could think of was the friendly Uzbek that Kyle and I had met on the train back from playing disc golf in Prague last summer. After chatting with us for quite some time, this friendly guy had invited us to his host family's house to have Uzbeki Plov. I hadn't even known what it was at the time but I looked it up very soon after and pinned it so I wouldn't forget. The pilaf on my plate looked a lot like Plov.

Some time on Saturday I finally looked up the two words to see if there was any connection and lo and behold, they're actually the exact same thing. :) Granted, in the States, it's known as pilaf, but it's nice to know that my pronunciation didn't come out of nowhere. Somewhere in my brain, the connection was made without my knowing.

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