Thursday, July 18, 2013

Lacking Inspiration, Here's the Norm

I haven't felt particularly inspired this week. Thus the lack of posts. Well, that and the fact that not too much has been happening this week. I've pretty much taken a break from running this week, in preparation for 13.1 miles tomorrow from 10:00 to midnight up in North Salt Lake with two of my gal pals. :) While it has been nice to take a break, I feel like my brain and body function better after some quality exercise like running. So the break isn't allowed to persist past this weekend.

A few highlights of the past week:

-My incredible mother's birthday was this week!
-We finally made plans to head up to Washington around the Labor Day weekend to see Brandon's sister Jaime and her new home (and her new baby!).
-I made an ice cream cake on Tuesday and we had some last night. And it was delicious.
-We made a wonderfully light dinner of pasta, spinach, chicken, and a garlic/lemon sauce all mixed together. There was way too much of it and Brandon accurately summed up that we two together eat a normal portion for one.
-We went and saw Pacific Rim, a movie which looked really dumb to me in the trailers but (after being persuaded to see if from a few good friend reviews) was actually pretty decent, all things considered. The one detail that most annoyed me prior to seeing it, that they'd need to people operating the same robot and moving mostly in sync, was actually not at all annoying to me by the end, though there were, as is common, other details that were slightly off. ;)

Known highlights to come:

-Half Marathon tomorrow night!
-(Perhaps) Farmer's Market Saturday Morning (if Amy and I aren't too tired!)
-(Hopefully) West Coast Swing Dance on Saturday!
-BBQ with the Nelson's and Bateman's on Sunday afternoon/evening. :)

And that's about it for the moment.

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