Monday, July 1, 2013

It's July! Already!?

Happy July 1st! I can hardly believe that July is here already...

Update from the weekend:

Friday night Brandon came down after work and we grabbed a bite to eat at Taco Bell (I hardly ever eat fast food any more....and it was a little odd that we went there. In Indiana, fast food was a norm because there really weren't a lot of restaurant options available and when we wanted to eat out it was usually either fast food or Chinese take out. Here I now have fast food restaurants available everywhere but I've pretty much limited my dining out options to bakeries (aka sandwiches), pizza places, Thai food, and food from home. I think I prefer it this way.) and then we went over to the Chocolate again (twice in one week!) and met Brandon's old roommate and good friend Jeff. Wonderful conversation ensued as we dined on delicious cake and cazookies. Dessert was followed up with miniature golf, something I haven't done in quite awhile but was very fun. :)

Saturday I woke up around 5:00 and threw my running stuff together and zipped on over to Shayla's house to meet her and Amy to go running. As previously noted in earlier posts, my Saturday long runs have been suffering a great deal. In other words, they've barely been happening. I've only ever missed one entirely, but the others have been shorter runs than they're supposed to be. I have not been alone with this trouble, as all three of us have been struggling with early morning motivation. As such, the three of us (who are running the Legacy Midnight Half Marathon in North Salt Lake together in a few weeks) decided to find a good solution to this problem. Running together! And at least this last Saturday, it worked like a charm. We all agreed that it was rather uncomfortably early, but even as early as it was, it got hot very quickly. But I have my 10 mile run behind me! If I were just doing a half, that would feel like a lot, but as I look ahead in my training, I have a 20 mile run near the end, close to the marathon, and I'm still having a little trouble imagining running twice the distance that we ran on Saturday morning. But I'm sure I will, and I'm sure it will be awesome fun.

After missing the last two West Coast Saturday nights we finally made it back, and with a bang (as far as we're concerned)! We finally got one of our fantastic friend, this time Amy and Justin, to come with us! We were thrilled to have them there. Preceded by a pho dinner out and followed with frozen custard, it was quite a lovely evening.

Sunday was just a little outside the ordinary with a breakfast/lunch at Brandon's place prepared by Grant and Sara. It was just the norm, eggs, sausage, pancakes, and cinnamon rolls, but it was quite delicious. It was a very nice Sunday.

Today started out quite exciting. After I dragged myself out of bed for that early four mile run, as I pulled my  headphones from my purse I was unhappily surprised to see Brandon's wallet and keys left in my purse from the day before. It is very common for Brandon to store his keys and wallet in my purse, particularly when we're out dancing or at the movies, but we usually do a good job at remembering to take them out. And the couple of times where we've forgotten, it has usually been easy to put off returning them until the next time we expect to see each other. Not so this morning. Brandon has a spare key to his car but he wasn't sure where it was so he needed his regular keys. So I popped into work to let them know what I was up to and then hopped in my car to drop his keys and wallet off at his house. Given the proximity of where I currently live to where I work I don't typically have to deal with very much freeway traffic in the morning, but I found that after the rush of the 8:00 AM traffic, it really wasn't that bad. In less than forty five minutes I was able to make it to Brandon and back to work with almost no trouble.

And on top of that, we got together for lunch today, him with his Smashburger and me with my Which Wich. I've gone out to eat with a friend at Which Wich down in American Fork a few times and every time we've done that, it has always been a rush to get down there, a rush to eat and catch up and then a rush to get back to work. And even with the rush, I've always exceeded my hour lunchtime. With this, I didn't feel rushed. And the food was delicious. And the company was perfect. :)

It's hot here in Utah right now! Hotter than I've ever remembered it here. But we're making do and having a lovely time about it.

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