Monday, July 22, 2013

A Longer Run (mentally) Than Usual

Good morning post weekend!

Let's see. Friday. Prior to this weekend, all of the long runs that I have ever done have taken place in the morning. In other words, I understand how to train and prepare for long morning runs. Diet prior to those runs is usually pretty simple. Carbs about 24 hours prior to the run (regular sized meals), small light breakfast of an English muffin with peanut butter and banana about two hours before the start of the run on the morning of the run. A huge chunk of prep time is consumer with sleep. Not so with a race that starts at 10:00 in the evening!

Brandon kindly put up with my whining throughout the day, but as Friday progressed I just felt hungry most of the day and was worried about what I should and shouldn't eat. For dinner we went to Red Lobster and Brandon ordered salmon with broccoli and pilaf. I ordered a side of pilaf. It was rather pathetic. We headed over to Amy's and met up with everyone before Justin dropped the three of us off at the start.

I can't recall if I mentioned it from two weeks ago, but the last time we ran on the Legacy trail, early in the morning, I had ten quarter sized mosquito bites by the time we were done. Amy brought some mosquito repellent with her this time and I squirted a little on but didn't worry about it too much. Not more then ten minute later I had at least three bites. Twenty minutes later, upwards of five or six. We made a final restroom stop before the start of the race and I ran back to where we'd dropped the repellent and drenched myself in it. I'm not sure how effective it was, as I still have about ten bites, but I think most of those happened while we waited for the start of the race.
Running Ladies!
Runners with glow sticks!
10:00 finally came and we, glowstick attired, took off. We'd started somewhere in the middle of the pack and were quickly passing the different pacers at 2:45, 2:30, 2:15, to finally end up right around the little pack following the 2:05 pacer. We were about two miles in at this point, having kept a good pace of about nine minutes a mile. Shayla split ahead and I decided to stay with Amy who wanted to drop the pace a little. Around two and a half miles, Amy was desperately in need of some water so we plugged ahead to the three mile mark where there was some water and powerade waiting for us. A quick drink and we were on our way, but about another half mile later Amy still wasn't feeling great. After deliberating, she decided that she;d had enough and was going to call Justin to come get her at the next overpass (at least another mile and change on!). She told me to head on and I ran ahead to try and catch Shayla. Around the 5th mile I caught Shayla (still right around the 2:05 pacer) and ran with her for a bit. However, I'd just zipped along to catch up with her and I was feeling on a roll. After making sure she'd be alright I headed on to stay with the 2:05 group but quickly felt even then that I could keep on at a little faster of a pace. So on I went!

It is surprisingly difficult to try and take pictures in the dark, while running, with a camera phone that only has a flash on one side. This was the only one I took. ;)

When I got to mile 7, the drink station there only had water. Up to that point, each station had had both water and powerade. Since my first half, I've always stayed away from drinking water and had whatever energy drink is provided instead. Water lays like lead in my belly while energy drinks tend to make me feel better and a little refreshed. Sensing that I was thirsty, even if they didn't have powerade, I took a few sips of water before I headed on. Big mistake. Within half a mile I was getting cramps in my lower abdomen. A short walk and I was on my way again, but pretty much for the rest of the race, my pace was reduced to ten minute a mile or slower.

Aside from the fact that it was hot, one thing which I hadn't anticipated prior to the run was that when your're running in the dark on a trail in the middle of a marshy area, there are few if any landmarks to help you know how far you've gone. So a run that I've typically considered to be pretty quick and painless felt like it went on and on and on forever.

Finally, around 12 and a half miles the route re-entered civilization and we quickly turned into the fair grounds. Then it was just a quick sprint of the last .1 mile and I was done. And Brandon was there and I could rest. :)

We hung around the finish for a while and I rolled out my legs and glutes until we were all ready to leave. Shayla and Jake headed home and we dropped off Justin and Amy and picked up some things from their house. Feival and Ellie (Justin and Amy's two little yorkies) had been hanging out along just for an hour or so, but they'd decided to explore the content of my purse and devour the gum and mints. Slightly annoying, but mostly amusing. They're so cute. It's hard to be mad at them.

Back to Brandon's and then finally headed home I just felt sick to my stomach and wanted sleep. And I got it. :)

Mistakes from the evening:
-not putting on more bug spray to begin with
-starting out at too fast of a clip (not good for Amy)
-not staying with Shayla after Amy stopped
-not staying with the 2:05 group at an even pace
-not eating something right away after the race

All in all, I'll never do another long night run again. With the glow sticks and everything, the ambiance was fun, but I think a 5K or 10K would be plenty. Really, those first seven miles were fantastic, but those last seven were miserable. This was my...sixth half marathon and definitely my least favorite. Hopefully better things to come with the Marathon in September!

Saturday night we went West Coast Swing dancing (after a three week break) and while it was fun, I still wasn't feeling great. I'm looking forward to having more energy and feeling better next Saturday!

Yesterday evening we got together with the Bateman's and Nelson's for a BBQ. Delicious food, good conversation, and fun games!

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  1. Definitely agree with this assessment of the race! Eek!