Friday, July 5, 2013

A Beautiful 4th

One of the benefits to working and living in rather cool buildings (my roommate was telling me it was 63 degrees in her room last night!) is that whenever I got outside, at least for about ten minutes or so, I love the heat. Then it get's old and just feels hot again.

Another thing I've noticed is that if I wake up between about midnight and 2:00 AM, the sprinkler against my window makes it sound like it is raining. It's such a lovely sound. And on top of that, the wind was blowing rather strongly last night and it sounded a lot like the ocean as it rustled the leaves on the trees. Lots of lovely sounds last night with some thunderstorms in the distance to top it off.

Things have been pretty laid back this week. Brandon's two roomies are moving to New York for an entrepreneurial thing for a few months so Tuesday and Wednesday night included different going away parties for them. And then last night was the 4th, so we BBQ'd some steaks and sausages and then walked down to Sugarhouse Park to watch the fireworks.

Last year we were somewhere in Europe over the 4th, in Florence I think, so it was sort of a non-event. And in the years prior to that, I don't think I'd been to a firework show in quite a few. The fireworks were beautiful, but even cooler than that was walking through the neighborhoods to get to the park and walking by house after house of people lighting their little fireworks and setting out chairs to watch the park's show from their house. It felt like Independence Day. Everyone coming out to be communal and festive and real. On top of that the neighborhood we walked through was beautiful, filled with modest homes, nicely groomed lawns, and pretty lamp posts. It felt very close and warm. I enjoyed our different neighborhoods growing up, but they were always at least slightly more spread out than the one last night. I'm not sure which I prefer. It's a little hard to beat the wide sprawling forest of my backyard in Indiana. :) And though my parent's home is in Alabama now and I've never been to it, I felt a little homesick walking by all these family gatherings. Washington is next on our list of places to visit, but I'm really looking forward to going home to see my family some time soon.

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  1. It makes my heart to sing to know that Washington is next on your list. But I can also relate to looking forward to taking a trip 'home.' I hope you get to do both very soon.