Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday News - WCS tonight!

We made it to Wednesday!

Let's running has been coming along quite well. I've swapped a few days but otherwise have gotten all the mileage in that I've been needing to. 17 miles total last week (meant to be 16) and 17 planned again for this week. I've been running on pretty flat routes and my pace has been pretty slow, so I've planned my long run on Saturday to be at a hilly park. :) We'll see if that kickstarts my pace a bit.

I went with a few girls from church last night to donate blood and it was wonderfully successful. One of the girls had tried on three or four previous occasions to donate blood and she had always been too anemic to donate, but not this time! All three of us were able to donate and came away with flying colors. ;) Plus a few delicious snacks.

Two songs that Brandon has introduced me to over the last two days:

(Goldhouse - The Moment)

(Lorde - Royals)

Tonight we're switching things up a bit, since we've got other plans this Saturday, and we're heading down to a free West Coast Swing dance event in Pleasant Grove. Sure to be fun!

In other random perhaps slightly not blog-kosher news, I think I've had a stye on my right eyelid the last few days. (For those of you not familiar with styes, they're basically just clogged pores, like a pimple, but not at all pussy, just a little red and swollen tender point near the eye.) Anyhow, I finally figured out what it was (I think) yesterday and the prescribed home remedy is just to apply moist heat so I boiled some water and used a teabag wrapped in a washcloth to sooth my eye. There was something particularly soothing about it due to the herbally scents let off by the tea bag. Hopefully I'll see it disappear soon, but as this is my first experience with anything like this, I'll be patient.

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