Monday, June 10, 2013

Tidbits from the Weekend!

Happy Monday!

This weekend was fairly uneventful, but I'll share some of the highlights and ridiculousness.

Friday evening Brandon and I went and played tennis over near Sugar House Park. Or rather, Brandon coached me in tennis for about an hour since I'm rather terrible at it. I'd like to play again. Often. As that's the only way I'll get better at it.

Saturday I got up early and went to the Farmer's Market in downtown Salt Lake City with some friends. I was tempted to buy many delicious foods but just ended up going for some chocolate gelato. :) I drove over to Brandon's after that and coaxed him out to eat breakfast at the Original Pancake House. Afterwards I went home and meant to be productive but ended up taking a nap.

I'd meant to get up early in the morning and go running for about an hour but when push came to shove, I slept for a little longer and then opted to go to the Market. When I dozingly woke up from my nap around 3:50, I realized that if I was going to get that run in that day, I needed to get up and go now. So I did! I slathered some sunblock on and ran out the door about fifteen minutes later. How did the run go? Well, I've had better runs. About thirty minutes into the run I rather abruptly became aware that it was HOT outside and then I was very thirsty. But I was three miles from home and the route I'd taken had brought me by many houses, but no fast food restaurants or anywhere else where I could easily just run in and ask for a glass of water. So, I walked for a few minutes to gather myself and then set out a trot to make it back home, constantly licking my lips and running with my mouth closed to keep it from drying out. I made it home just fine but if I ever go for runs longer than thirty minutes in the middle of the day when it is hot, I'll definitely take water with me. Mostly, I think I'll just try to run in the morning.

Saturday night I returned to Brandon's and we went out for pho with Dallin and then Brandon and I headed to West Coast Swing to get our move on. Quick anecdote from that. About fifteen minutes into the dance portion of the evening (after the hour lesson), I was heading over to the drinking fountain and just passed our instructor for the lesson as I reached the fountain. As I was just beginning to sip the water she patted me quite hard on the back, thanking me for coming to the lesson. Laughing and spluttering, the lower half of my face now well covered in water, I came away from the fountain dripping and she realized that her "pat" had accidentally pushed my face into the water. A number of unnecessary apologizes later and we were all just chuckling over it. I let her get a drink of water before I returned to the fountain. ;)

Sunday after church Brandon and I were hanging out watching videos in his room and he jumped up to grab some little cracker packets (packets of four) and as he tossed a packet to me, I had the not-so-bright idea to try and catch it in mouth. It should have been easy, right? Well, maybe not. I got close, but the packet was a little farther down and to the right than I'd anticipated (or I didn't open my mouth wide enough) and I ended up mostly catching it on my right lower lip, which then, of course, began to bleed a little (inside my mouth). This was all quite amusing, as you'd imagine, as the stupidity and absurdity of the situation grossly outweighed the minor inconvenience of a small cut inside my mouth. :) I won't be trying to catch things that big in mouth any time in the near future....

For dinner we drove up to Zach and Emily's for some delicious grilled hamburgers. How It Should Have Ended videos (google it if you don't know what it is) and a few games followed.

On my way home from Brandon's in the evening I came across one of Alaska's (judging by his license plate) worst drivers. How did I discover this? Well, as I'm zipping along the freeway at about 70 mph in the second to far right lane (the far lane was the lane about to merge), he comes up at about 80 in the far right lane. I could immediately see that he was not going to make it past me at the speed he was going in time to merge in front of me, but he apparently didn't see this until the absolutely last moment when he got over just behind me and then over into the middle lane. Very awkward and unnecessary because were there any other cars around us to get in the way of him getting over to begin with? Not a soul. So why he didn't just get over into the middle lane to begin with, I don't know. But it didn't quite end there. Nope, he then proceeded to sit in the middle lane just a few feet ahead of me (I'm effectively in his blind spot now) and slowed down enough to stay there (I'm on cruise control so my speed isn't changing at all) until we finally reached another car in the far right lane, forcing me to slow down to get over behind him. Does that make sense? Not only does he attempt to speed up to block me in the merging lane (when there are no other cars around) but he slows down and blocks me in to make me slow down to get over at all. It was ridiculous. I drive around people who are inconsiderate and oblivious all the time. I know that's normal. But given how awkward, inconsistent, inconsiderate, and directly frustrating this driver was to my own driving (particularly given that in the space of the ten minutes or so we were driving in the same space along the freeway we passed only one other car), I really do wonder if he wasn't doing it on purpose. Maybe he was mad that I didn't slow down (in the FAR right non-merge lane) to let him merge in front of me - because who cares that there were two perfectly open lanes to the left. And never mind that the legal passing lanes are the left lanes. And never mind being consistent about your speed.

Mr. A making the most awkward transition possible from the far right merge lane to the middle lane.
Mr A then slowing down and boxing me in, making me have to slow down to get over. 

I really don't have very many pet peeves, but poor driving is definitely one of them, and while I am far from a perfect driver, I do drive with the intention of being communicative and considerate of those around me. Quite unlike our friend from Alaska last night. I often feel like I should honk at these people, make them aware that there is something wrong with what is happening, but I almost never do. I mostly doubt they'll realize what they've done, making the honk serve no purpose. And while complaining to all of you is a little bit of a release of the annoyance, it doesn't solve the problem that somewhere out there, there is a driver from Alaska who is being really obnoxious.

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