Friday, June 14, 2013

Superman and Not-so-super Sleep

I woke up at 7:57 this morning. And I still got to work by 8:20 (leaving home at 8:12). I actually made it out the door alright, only forgetting the connector for my mouse to my computer and earrings. I even took the time to throw together some cream of wheat ingredients so I could eat breakfast.

Why did I wake up soooo late? Because we went and saw Man of Steel last night. Brandon and I had been leaning towards going to see it Friday night (because then at least Brandon would get to sleep in some after the late night) but Grant went ahead and bought tickets for all of us (there ended up being maybe ten of us?) since the seats for Thursday night were disappearing fast. So, Thursday night it was. I'd already been up in Salt Lake and headed over to Brandon's around 10:00 and we took an hour nap or so before heading over to the theater. I'm very glad we did that because even with the nap, I feel very tired today. Four and a half hours of sleep (five and a half with that nap) just isn't enough for me to function normally. As such another nap may be in order for this afternoon....

But, the movie! I quite enjoyed it. I've never been much of a Superman fan, preferring Batman and Ironman, and due to the fact that most of the Superman movies that have been made have been rather terrible, but this film made me more of a Superman fan than I'd previously been. The music and cinematography were very good, although, while the fight scenes were cool, there were waaaaay too many of them. There were also a number of plot holes (only one of which I found distracting) littered throughout the film. Those things aside though, I really did enjoy it. I particularly felt like the acting was good, even though there wasn't much character development...

Anyway, if you like super hero movies, you should go see it. But preferably at a better time (so you don't end up going to bed at 3:30 AM).

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