Monday, June 17, 2013

Recap on the Weekend: Murder and Miles

Friday, full of tiredness from my lack of sleep I took it easy after work until Brandon texted me to see if I wanted to go to dinner with his roommates at a Mexican place about half way between our houses. It ended up being very good, though I came to the conclusion that I prefer my quesadillas without meat. Afterward we relaxed and watched Despicable Me which I hadn't yet seen. It was quite cute.

Saturday morning bright and early I drove to Sugarhouse Park and started what I intended to be a seven mile run. About three miles in I was effectively done. Up until Saturday all of my runs had been on really flat terrain. The Park is far from flat, preferring instead to be curvy and hilly. I much prefer the variety of the Park, but once I made it to four miles and either needed to stop and put sunblock on (the sun had just come over the mountains) or stop altogether, I chose to just stop. But it was still a pretty successful run for me, as I cut almost thirty seconds per mile off of my average pace. Not bad when you consider the addition of the hills.

After my run I had intended to go over to Brandon's, clean up, and then go with him to the Farmer's Market, but after a little miscommunication we just ended up meeting for lunch with his roommates at Bruges. The Farmer's Market can wait. :) After lunch we also discovered a park just West of the restaurant that I had no idea existed. It's always  nice to discover new parks. Back at Brandon's I had planned on working on a blue dress that I've had in my closet for several years but have never worn, but I quickly discovered that some of the reconstruction would be much easier back at home with my dress form. So I took a nap instead. :) A badly needed nap (although I still slept in until 11:00 on Sunday!).

The highlight of the evening came at 6:00. All dressed up in our fancy clothes and fancy hair and makeup we met up with Amy and Justin to attend The Dinner Detective show. And it ended up being very fun. When we arrived we had to come up with fake names (I was Eva, Brandon was McCloud - you can see we didn't stray too far from our own names) before grabbing some appetizers and taking out seats. We then proceeded to mingle with the other guests (there were about 100 of us) to gather information and look for suspects. We spent the vast majority of that time talking with a Mr. Cormac McFlannagan who seemed like a very eager individual. I think we must have been suspicious.

The show proceeded with a victim stumbling in followed by two detectives/police who narrated the majority of the show, improving with various guests and introducing new clues as they came along. All of the other actors in the show were littered in among the guests and while we were able to guess who they were when the detectives started interacting with them, they were fairly well blended with most of the other guests. All in all, the show was wonderfully funny and by the end of it, Brandon and I had a pretty good idea of who it was and all the details that led us to think that. Alas, even though we made all the proper connections, who won the prize? None other than our friend from earlier, Mr. Cormac McFlannagan. He had been acting somewhat suspicious, poking around the room and asking questions, but it turned out that that had all been evidence of his keen sleuthing nature. His explanation for what had happened, complete with all the details, had stretched onto the back of his answer sheet. Even though we had guessed correctly, we definitely felt like he best deserved to win.

Back at Brandon's the power went out around 10:45 or so and we went on a spontaneous walk and then drive to observe the darkness. Looking online it looked like about 3000 "customers/home" were effected in Northeastern Salt Lake. It was pretty amazing to see how dark it was. Brandon told me later that he woke up, thinking it was daylight outside, around 5:00 AM, only to realize that his lights had finally turned back on. :)

And as for an uneventful Sunday full of quesadillas and cinnamon rolls, I hope you all had a lovely Father's Day!

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