Thursday, June 20, 2013

NPR Stations, Saris, and Stimulus?

A few things today.

First of all, I recently discovered that the radio station I sync with my iPhone to play music in my car - 88.3FM (here in Utah) is also one of the radio stations that carries NPR here in Utah. How did I not notice this before? I've no idea. But it is certainly a happy discovery. I've also found their online streaming channel so I can listen to them while I'm at work. I already feel much more up to speed on current events.

One question regarding current events. Why do people (Americans here in the states) simultaneously complain about government spending and then freak out (as far as the stock market is concerned) when a government representative says that they're planning on starting to cut back on how much money they're dumping into the market - because the market is doing better? I keep hearing that a lot of the stock prices have dropped a little essentially as a direct result of these comments. But the representative wasn't evening saying that they would stop the stimulus, but rather that, as the market seemed to be continuing healthily, they'd taper their funds. AKA, if the market wavered, stimulus funds wouldn't taper. I don't know a lot about economics but it seems like a double standard to simultaneously boo the high government spending and then go crazy at the first mention of the government decreasing their spending where the stock market is concerned. Of course, it is also possible that the individuals complaining about government spending aren't the same individuals freaking out on the markets, but I would bet that there is some overlap.

Changing topics, in my little world of fashion, I convinced myself that it was ok for me to wear my baggy sweatpants under my long fitted maxi dress to work this morning. It's wonderfully comfortable and it leaves me envying cultures where this is more normal:

I mean, come on, doesn't that look comfortable? That's pretty much how I feel today...though my dress is a bit longer and less colorful.

I dragged my feet getting up for my short run this morning, but with an average time of 9:18 per mile, I confirmed that without any doubt I run faster when I listen to music rather than podcasts. For shorter runs, that's fine, but I think I'll stick with my podcasts on my longer runs.

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