Friday, June 28, 2013

Life is in the details...right?

This last week has been pretty uneventful. It's been a rather...floaty week. Not too much in particular to look forward, but with a few highlights all the same.

Last Friday Brandon and I went to a "Diversity Picnic" with his friend Roman's work (Roman works for GE). It was a little difficult to know what to expect but there ended up being a variety of different cuisines and little events catering to different cultures. It was fun to be there, but I think the event was generally more geared towards children. We ended the evening with watching "Connie and Carla" or at least the first half or so of it. My parent's had mentioned going to see it several years before and I only just finally got around to seeing it. It was quite funny. I don't think Brandon was even watching as he was on his computer but he seemed to enjoy the giggles that trickled over to him from where I was sitting on the other couch.

Saturday started bright and early with me skipping my long run and instead meeting Brandon and Duane to go to a fund raising pancake breakfast and then to the Farmer's Market. We finally tried to renowned Limeaid and found it to be good, but not as amazing as we'd been led to believe. Following the market Brandon and I stopped by a house I was tentatively interested in and then drove down to Springville to Grant's parents house. After a quick bite to eat we all gathered outside and then proceeded to take turns playing 4-person Aeroball so that they could get some updated footage for their website. Forget that I've been running a considerable amount lately. There's nothing to make you feel out of shape as quickly as jumping on a trampoline for awhile.

Monday we went out again with Duane to California Pizza Kitchen and then to see World War Z. I don't tend to handle intense movies too well, and I spent a fair amount of time during the movie clutching Brandon's arm, but regardless of all of that, I really liked World War Z. Like a lot. I've heard that it is nothing like the book, missing all of the politics and detail that can make a book a work of art, but the story that was left was still very enjoyable.

Wednesday Brandon and I went and tried the Red Basil Thai Bistro close to where I live and tried Tom Kah (Kha) Gai for the first time along with our typical Pad See Ew. Delicious. I think we may have found a match for Sawadee. And the customer service was incredible. After a break to let our stomach's settle we stopped on over at The Chocolate for a cazookie (aka pizookie). It too was delicious. :)

Filling in the gaps between those days has been lots of running and work! And I've no idea what our plans are for this weekend other than a bit more running!

Note: When I answer the phone at work, I've chosen to simply say, "Good morning, Destinations," most of the time and every now and again I get someone on the other end of the phone who think's it's funny to say, "Well hello, Destinations!" back. It's not. Or maybe it was the first time, but it isn't anymore. Perhaps it would be proper phone etiquette of me to add, "This is Geneva," to my greeting, but I don't because 95% of the time they're not calling to talk to me and I'm just trying to be courteous and expedite getting them to the person they want to talk to. And my name frequently appears to confuse people. There are also people who answer the phone with the name of the person they want to talk to, as in, "Sherry?" No, this isn't Sherry and it's a little silly/rude of you to automatically assume that it is. You're calling a business. And even if you're calling a home, don't do this! So many times growing up I would answer the phone and someone would say, "Cindy! I just wanted to...." and I would have to interrupt them and redirect them. And it was always awkward. Take it for granted that even if the person you're talking to sounds like the person you want to be talking to, it's not them. This is, of course, rather different with the decrease in landlines and in the increase in cell phones, as you usually expect the person you're calling to be the one to pick up...I'll have to think about that for awhile.


  1. I had so many pet peeves during my days as an assistant, working the phones and answering to the public. I hear you on that!!

    You guys are always trying new things and new places. I love it! I live vicariously right now through you two because we're pretty tied to home and our routine at this phase in our lives.

    Come visit soon!

  2. I'm glad I can keep you updated on what we're up to! We want to come see you soon! We've been talking about it and we just need to set a date!