Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cinnamon and Swing

Running went well again this morning. Only I realized that even with the entertaining podcasts I listen to, I need to find some other way to spice up my runs. They're starting to feel...routine. Perhaps if I didn't just run a mile and a half around the block and back they'd seem more interesting. Anyway, the hardest bit about this morning was waking up. It felt sooooo early. But the sky and temperature outside were very rewarding.

Last night I made Snickerdoodles, delicious fruity herbal tea from Teavana, and had bought some sparkling red grape juice, all set for the tortillas and cheese that Brandon was bringing to make dinner, complete with the skillet on the stove, buttered and seasoned for that first tortilla. But, sadly, Brandon forgot to get the tortillas and cheese out of the fridge at work (such an easy thing to forget to do!). He apologized profusely as I washed the pan (somewhat resigned at this point) and then we went out and grabbed some pizza from The Pie and brought it back. Logically, we could have easily ran to the store and bought some more tortillas and cheese, but emotionally, I was done. Time for something else. I'm sure we'll have quesadillas some time soon. But probably at Brandon's place rather than mine. ;)

My cookies!

Small tangent: I went home yesterday at lunch and had just cracked three eggs into a skillet and was looking for my Johnny's Seasoning salt and couldn't find it anywhere. Now, periodically since the newest roommate moved in, I've noticed certain dishes (mostly bowls) that...disappear. One day they're in the kitchen and then they're gone for a week. And the only thing that appears to draw them out is when I leave patient little notes on the white board on our fridge asking if anyone has seen them. They always reappear, but without any explanation. From this I've deduced that this newest roommate takes them and uses them regularly/constantly and just keeps them dirty in her room between uses. After this happening twice, hopefully it won't happen again. It's such a silly thing, but they're my dishes and I want to have access to them. More of those little things, like when I bought syrup and had left it unopened on the counter only to find it open and a third of it gone the next day (she'd also used another roommates sausage - all of this without asking), and like when she'd left her TV on loudly and then left the apartment, and when she'd propped up one of my paintings without a flat edge, bending the painting (twice - I had to leave a note to ask her not to until I could find a good way to display it!) have left me with the impression that, where I'd previously wanted to have roommates, I don't really want to anymore. I think I'd be content just living near friends. This roommate seems very nice but her consistently inconsiderate actions are starting to get really old. Anyway! Bringing that full circle, my Salt is missing. Salt seems like a really strange thing to take, but my first inclination was, consistent with my recent experiences, to assume that she borrowed it. After considering this for the past 24 hours, I think that it is more likely that I've placed it somewhere random and it just needs to be found. But I'm still wondering...

Back to yesterday! After dinner and part of an episode of Once Upon A Time we headed South to Pleasant Grove for some West Coast! And the lesson was really good. But all in all, I still prefer our Salt Lake Westify of my favorite details about the evening was that they provided popsicles for everyone. The dance studio we were in was really hot and the frozen little popsicles helped to take the edge off of that a little. :)

Anyway, today looks to be a nice day. I've been listening to episodes of This American Life online. Usually I download episodes and play them on my phone, but I neglected to download them from my iTunes for just long enough that they stopped coming. So I'm trying to catch up. And some of these stories are fantastic! I've said it before and I'll say it again, but I definitely recommend giving it a listen. :)

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  1. If it weren't for your blog, I would have hardly a clue as to what my little brother does with his time. Thanks for keeping me up to date. I enjoy learning up your day-to-day life just as much.