Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cecret Lake and Computer Cables

Good morning! Things are kind of quiet here in the office the next few days with several conventions happening in downtown SLC taking most of our people. I'm planning on taking advantage of this time to finally work on some of my last pre-requisite work which I've been putting off, assuming I have time as there are a few projects I'm working on here.

I've been feeling a bit sore this morning. Why, you ask? Well, I'm fairly certain it is the combined stress put on my body from the last few days. Namely a short three mile run on Monday with an hour of Pure Barre after class followed with a beautiful hike last night to Cecret Lake and topped off with a five mile run this morning. Days like today I love my foam roll more than most things.

Picture borrowed from Grant via Facebook. :)
It was windy and chilly up there!

I think we'll be meeting up with Duane for dinner this evening and then on Thursday after work I'm heading to a Medical Lecture on downhill running, runners gait, and training for long distances. I'm sort of excited about it....I mean, I did run cross country in middle and high school, so none of this is a foreign subject to me, but I'm interested to see what they have to say, particularly on downhill running. Should be fun! And then a picnic with Brandon's tennis friend Roman (pictured above on the far right) on Friday. Good things ahead!

Sad news for the week (not really that sad). My computer power cable died on Monday. I had noticed the beginning of fraying about a week before and had been thinking of going to buy electric tape, but never got around to it. And then on Monday I plugged it in to my computer and nothing happened. I have few things to complain to Apple about as far as their products are concerned, as they've generally worked very well for me, but they make really shoddy computer cables because, without fail, within about a year or two, they almost all fray and become dysfunctional. I went online to their website to see about purchasing a new one and they were $75! Holy goodness! For a power cable that habitually comes apart! I found a non-Apple older variety online that should work equally as well (slightly different design that I actually prefer to what I had) for a third of that price. We'll see how that goes. I might preemptively attack it with electric tape at the known weak spots....

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