Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Few Videos from Havasupai

Happy Wednesday! (I had to think for a minute there to remember what day it was...)

I went running last night right after work (first time in my running shoes since hiking in Havasupai) and while I was running I sort of felt like the insoles were turned up at the toes a bit, crunching my toes a little. I almost didn't think of anything of it when I put my shoes on to go running again this morning, but I decided to take a look and found about a tablespoon of sand at the toes of each of my shoes. My feet were much happier once I'd dumped it out.

In honor of those two tablespoons of sand, I thought I'd share Cam's videos from Havasupai since I hadn't gotten around to doing that yet.  Here's the full beautiful video that really captures the entirety of the beauty of the place.

Havasupai from Filmingo on Vimeo. (Havasupai)

And here's the second video of us jumping. :)

Jumping Havasupai from Cameron Goold on Vimeo. (Jumping Havasupai)

(There's another video that Zach posted of us jumping that is only on facebook.)

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