Tuesday, May 7, 2013

To Swimsuit or Not?

Happy Tuesday!

Highlight for the day looks to be shopping this afternoon with Ashley. I haven't been shopping with anyone in a long time. First of all, it's not my favorite thing as I think shopping with someone else usually results in me buying things that I don't love as much and often don't even end up wearing. And second, most of the time when I go shopping, I've already done a fair amount of research and I know exactly what I'm going in to get. When that isn't the case and I'm buy myself, I do a whirlwind tour of whichever store I'm in and if I don't see something that is about what I'm looking for, I pass on to the next store. I'm sure I miss plenty of things I might like, but I'm sure I also miss plenty of things I don't really need. I have a small closet and I could probably still get rid of a number of items in there which I rarely (if ever) wear.

But tonight should be fun! We're going swimsuit shopping. I sort of already have a swim suit - my fantastic sports bra (like a little vest) and swim shorts, but I'd like to have an equally comfortable but slightly more flattering swimsuit, so we're going to make the attempt tonight! Swimsuits, bras, and jeans are my three least favorite items to shop for. Perhaps being with Ashley will make this more fun. :)

Dresses, hats, and shoes? Definitely my favorite things to shop for. :)

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